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The Many Benefits of a Penis Ring - Part 1

The Many Benefits of a Penis Ring - Part 1

C-rings, P-rings, no matter what you call it, male rings have awesome benefits and feel amazing. Penis rings aren't very mainstream, and that could be for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons could be that Men don't know why they should use a ring, or have heard that they only need to use one if they're having trouble with maintaining an erection. While people with that situation do use rings for that purpose, the use of a penis ring does not mean you are broken or something is wrong with you. No toy means you're broken or unsatisfactory, and the penis ring is one of those toys that can really bust down the doors and introduce more exciting toys or accessories in the future.

*** Pictured above are the OxBalls UltraBalls 2 Piece Set ***


Penis rings are worn for many reasons, to keep the erection harder, to make the illusion of a bigger penis, to last longer in a session, to provide more stimulation for the wearer, or even simply for looks. When using a penis ring, the ring should be snug, but not tight, around the base of the penis. Many men find rings to be distracting at first, this new sensation can be overwhelming the first time wearing a ring. Over time, you'll get more comfortable with the snug sensation and eventually, hardly notice it's on. To help bridge the gap between penis ring and no penis ring, here's a couple of suggestions to make the transition a little less clinical, and more pleasurable.

    • If you're playing without a partner, manual stimulation is one of the best ways to become acquainted with a penis ring. During your regular masturbatory routine, consider putting the ring on once you've become erect. Place the ring at the base of the penis, and use a small amount of lube to position the ring comfortably. Without lube, sometimes the material of the ring can drag skin, which can cause a pinch that no one needs when they're about to get frisky. Once the ring is secure and comfortable, continue with your routine as normal, and remove the ring after orgasm.

    ** There isn't necessarily a time restraint for penis rings, but wearing a tight ring for more than 30-35 minutes can cause discomfort. Some are meant to only be worn during intercourse or sexual activity, but there are other, less snug, more adorning, jewelry-like penis rings that can be worn for visual pleasure. **

    • If you're playing with a partner, oral play can be exceptional for positioning a penis ring quickly and comfortably. Ask your partner if they wouldn't mind using oral as a technique for putting the ring on, and then allow them to stimulate accordingly. The partner can play however they'd like, and can use saliva as a lube-like substance for placing the ring comfortably at the base (remember; saliva is never a good replacement for lube internally, but externally it can help out in a pinch). Once the ring is placed at the base of the penis, you two can play however you'd like!


    • Bonus Technique: if playing with a partner, mutual masturbation can be a fun way to causally introduce a penis ring. The ring, when lubed up, can be an interesting stroker until it reaches the base of the penis. Have your partner pre-lube the ring and keep it handy. While entertaining each other, have the partner slip the ring over the head of the penis, but not yet positioning it at the base. Keeping the ring in a fist, your partner can continue to stimulate downwards. They should stroke as fast or slow as necessary to comfortably slip the ring all the way down to the base. Should the receiver of the ring experience discomfort at any point, this can be a good time to move from mutual masturbation into oral, or just simply take the time to position the ring comfortably and continue with your playtime.

    Rings of All Kinds

    Penis rings can be made of many different materials. Rubber, silicone, TPR/TPE, metal, and even ABS plastic. When researching what kind of ring to use as a first timer, you usually get presented with a large rubber grommet looking item, or a super small, super squishy ring that doesn't look like you could wear it around your wrist, let alone your penis. Fear not, for these are not the only two options you have!

    One of my favorite first time rings happens to be made of ABS plastic - the Perfect Fit Speed Shift Ring. This ring is adjustable, which makes it ideal for first time users. This ring might not work well for the Bonus Technique, but is a great starting ring for anyone that's concerned with rings being too tight and causing discomfort. The adjust-ability of the ring allows the wearer to change how loose or tight the ring is at any point. Giving yourself a little mental ease can help alleviate any other discomfort you might experience when considering trying out a C-Ring. 

    *** Pictured above is the Perfect Fit Speed Shift Ring. ***

    Another brand we love suggesting is the OxBalls brand. They make many different rings, slings, and multi-pack sets of rings in a lovely TPE material. TPE/TPR can feel like a squishy, gummy material; it's elastic and plush, and when lubricant is applied, glides with ultra comfort. This material is ideal for the Bonus Technique, and can be the most comfortable for someone who is already accustomed to the grasp of a penis ring.

    Though, TPR/TPE or any elastic material can lose their elasticity over time, it doesn't happen in one or two uses. Thinner rings will lose their elasticity sooner than the thicker ones, and they might have more of a chance of nicking and breaking. Thicker rings might last longer, elasticity wise and won't nick as easily, but no one ring should be kept for too long. Remember that TPE/TPR is porous, so you'll want to replace it eventually (your more body safe materials like plastic, metal and silicone can be kept longer, but do store and care for your rings as you would any other toy).

    To Be Continued...

    In the next part of this blog, we'll discuss the multiple ways you can wear a penis ring, discuss how each combination can promote different sensations, talk about vibrating rings, and how penis rings can be equally a Male and Female toy. You can find any of the blogs, topics or items mentioned by clicking the links attached. Click here to browse all penis rings in stock In-Store and here to find them Online.

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