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Clitoral  Stimulator

Clitoral Stimulator

Did you know that over 70% off people with a vulva need some sort of clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm? That's crazy! Owning a small clitoral vibrator can change a persons sex life for the better, and here at Intimates, we have everything you can ever ask for! Air pulsation and vibration can make for an amazing orgasm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All about clitoral vibrators!
This is one of our favorite sex toy categories because most vulva-owners need clitoral stimulation for orgasms. Clitoral vibrators come in many forms, are usually very powerful, and can be a little buzzy. Bullets are generally the most powerful vibration except for certain rechargeable bullets.
What are some of the more popular shapes for clitoral vibrators?
Some of the popular small vibrators are cylinder shape and are held by the tips of your fingers. Another trendy style is a palm vibrator. These are fantastic toys because they fit firmly in the palm of your hand, using the tip of the vibrator for stimulation. Another style of clitoral toy that has become more popular in the last few years Is a prong style of toy, with dedicated motors in each tip that surrounds the clitoris. Vibrating on each side enables the toy to hit more nerve endings. Air pulsation and suction toys are also considered clitoral toys, but we will discuss this in different parts of the website.
What is a Clitoral vibrator?
A Clitoral vibrator is any toy that stimulates the clitoris, this
includes toys that vibrate and create airflow or suction. The keyword with this type of stimulation is clitoral. Over 70% of vulva-owners need some sort of clitoral stimulation for orgasms.
Are most clitoral vibrators small?
Most clitoral-style vibrators fit easily onto your fingertips or in the palm of your hand. Some toys, like a wand, are also considered clitoral but are much bulkier in most cases, and two hands are needed to control the toy.
Are clitoral vibrators good for couples?
There are some styles of clitoral vibrators like the new sensual Bailii Are designed in a way that makes them very user-friendly to couples. What do we mean by that? With some clitoral vibrators, the shape is thin enough and long enough with a curved tip that enables easy access either from
above or behind during intercourse. With some imagination, almost any sex toy can be incorporated into a couple's play.
What is the best way to clean your clitoral vibrator?
We always suggest soap and water to clean your sex toys. We recommend washing your toy in a sink, but not submerged. Most waterproof toys are protected with a small ring for waterproofing; when a toy is submerged, these rings don’t always protect. If you want added bacterial protection, may we suggest adding a toy cleaner?
What type of clitoral vibrator should I buy?
A lot of this depends on what you want from the vibrator itself. Vibrators like the Nu Sensual Point and the fin fun ultra bullet are considered more powerful for a sex toy. These are very strong choices and can be too buzzy for some to use. Most tutorial vibrators by design will get you to orgasm quickly but sometimes we will desensitize, making it more difficult for repeat orgasms.

If a
clitoral vibrator is not what you’re looking for, may we suggest A wand-style Sex toy, rabbit vibrator or pull station toy. Shop our complete selection of sex toys for vulva-owners at intimates Adult Boutique.

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