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Established in 1983 (40 Years of being a Trusted Adult Retailer)

Intimates Boutique is an inclusive, locally owned and operated wellness and intimacy Store. We are a premier intimacy-enhancing adult retailer and huge believers in self pleasure. We carry high-quality sexual products with fantastic pricing! Intimates Boutique offers a safe, well-lit, and comfortable atmosphere for you to shop with confidence and discretion. All of our staff members are sexual educators certified by the Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health (now named Sexual Health Includes Pleasure, or SHIP) so that we can ensure you are given the important and correct information while shopping with us. Intimates Boutique has been inspired by all of the men, women, and couples who have visited us for the last 4 decades. Making smiles one sex toy at a time.

In Store Customer Benefits

* Repeat Customer Discount *

After your 1st purchase you receive 10% OFF every item you purchase.

* Point Based Rewards Program *

Receive 1 point for every dollar spent - after $750 spent, you earn double points!

*Sexual Education Classes*

Classes for everyone, from bondage 101 to toy parties. Girls night out parties are available, too!

* Weekly Sales *

In-store sales of sex toys, lingerie, and lubricant for slippery fun.

* Staff are Product & Romance Experts *

Our highly trained staff will make you comfortable and informed to make your shopping at Intimates a fantastic experience!

*Lots of Great Toys and Lingerie*

In-store demos available for most toys.

How Is Intimates Boutique Better?

We offer better pricing, discounts, rewards program, and selection than any competitor in S.W. Florida. Our main goal is to help you find the right product. We take the same pride in our store as we do in our web business!

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Pleasure for Every Body

In a world of chaotic, mass-produced, cliché, and taboo ideas about sexual wellness, we aim to break free. We’re focused on acceptance, education, empowerment, and building confidence to transcend the norm and experience new and exciting adventures. Peruse our carefully curated selection of pleasure tools, apparel, literature, and more from quality brands we trust. We have everything for all interests, lifestyles, and bodies, including vibrators, dildos, lingerie, fetish and bondage gear, lubricants, and more. Our literature and advice section focuses on how everyone can enjoy sexual wellness.

Feel Safe, Sexy and Empowered

We understand that deciding on what you like and what’s right for you (or your partner) can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re new to sex toys. We’re here for you to make your shopping experience safe, educational, and fun! Enjoy shopping discretely and comfortably as you browse our huge product selection. At Intimates Boutique, you are safe, sexy, and empowered.

Our Customers Love Us!

We've been a trusted adult retailer for over 40 years.

Shop our fantastic selection of mens', womens', and couples' sex toys, fetish, and lingerie!

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