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Air Pulsation Toys

Air Pulsation Toys

Get ready for explosive happiness through innovative pressure wave stimulation These air pulse simulators provide tingling suction paired with exciting pulsations to stimulate the clitoris without contact in a previously unimaginable way. The clitoris is the only organ in the human body made for pleasure, so why not treat it to some luxury?

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Frequently Asked Questions

 What are Air Pulsation toys?
According to the Kinsey Institute, only 40 to 60% of women masturbate compared to 95 to 99% of their male counterparts. Because of societal pressures, some women still will feel guilty when masturbating. But times are changing, and masturbation is becoming more accepted as an alternative to regular sexual relationships.
The Womanizer was the original air pulsation toy on the market, and even today is still the
highest quality air pulsation toy you can buy. Since then there are
improvements and other new sex toys with slightly different technology. For instance, the
Lelo Sila has sonic waves that shoot down into the clitoris, stimulating the nerve ending.
What does our staff think about this type of stimulation?
Almost everyone on staff has one type or another of an air pulsation toy. Most of the our staff find these type of toys are their favorites, and lead to a greater amount of repeat orgasms.
Why are these toys great? 
You will orgasm easier. You will experience more multiple orgasms. Pleasure technology feels very much like oral sex. Almost all suction toys create the feeling of having oral sex performed on you.

The sensation that
Satisfyer and Womanizer-type toys create will mimic oral, but obviously is not the same as a person giving oral to another person. These toys do not replace the tongue, but suction toys with tongues will also simulate that.
If Air Pulsation isn't what you are looking for, may we suggest bullets, rabbit style or a standard wand vibrator? Check all of Intimates Adult Boutique for the best in adult products!

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