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Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are devices (often a plastic tube) designed to create a low-pressure vacuum that draws blood into the penis, resulting in an erection. Pumps can feel intimidating to the uninitiated, but so many studies have shown how genuinely helpful, trusty, and easy-to-use they can be when added to your smash pantry. These devices operate on the simple function of creating a vacuum in their chamber that elongates the shaft when pumped for around 5 to 15 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a Penis Pump?
Have you ever wanted to look more fuller with harder erections? We think adding a penis pump to the bedroom is always a good idea, why? Because he doesn’t want a better erection. Penis pumps are not just about getting or maintaining an erection, penis pumps are about creating better blood flow throughout the penis. Better blood flow equals stronger Erections and more added sensitivity when aroused. Think of a penis pump as a weightlifting machine for your member. It is one of the cheapest gym memberships you will ever buy and will ultimately help your erections. Even if you have a large penis and do not struggle with erections? A penis pump is still a great way to exercise your member. Again better blood flow creates stronger erections and a healthy penis is great for everyone.
What do penis pumps do exactly?
After creating a seal at the bottom of the pump, The device uses airflow and suction to add more blood to the penis creating a strong fuller erection. Repeated use will open up the blood vessels to allow better blood flow through the erection. Enabling you to enjoy sexual experiences better.
Do you need to use a cock ring with a penis pump?
You do not have to use a cock ring when using a pump but if you struggle to maintain the erection after you have pumped up your penis, then a cock ring would help lock in the blood flow and keep your erection harder. If you do not use a cock ring there is a possibility the blood flow will decrease through the penis and we will struggle to maintain erection just achieved.
Do I need lubricant when using a male pump?
It is not necessary to use lubrication when using a penis pump but a little bit at the base of the pump will help seal the tube against your skin which will enable you to get more blood flow into the penis and create a stronger erection.
Will the effects be permanent when using a male penis pump?
Unfortunately as far as the erection goes, the effects of the pump will not be permanent. Now with that being said, these pumps will open up the blood vessels throughout the penis which is going to help you maintain the directions especially when a male pump is used on a regular basis.
These of a few of our favorite pumps
CRUIZR Penis Pump w-Sucking Function

The CRUIZR Penis Pump is a luxury penis pump with a suction function to stimulate better blood flow to the penis, increasing significantly in volume.

While this is a penis pump, it also has intense stimulation with the sucking function and a transparent tube for a good view of the desired result. This pump can be used as foreplay with a partner or enjoyed in a unique experience solo.

Ready for the VIP treatment?

Optimum Series Executive Auto Smart Pump

Maximize your pleasure tool with the Optimum Series Executive Automatic Smart Pump, a massive penis pump made for bigger and better results with every use. Increase endurance, improve stamina and amplify your rod with 3 unique enhancement exercise modes. The extra large smart pump has easy-touch controls and a quick air release button for customization pumping. While the thick open-end sleeve and tight, nubby chamber give you sinful stroking pleasure with or without the pump.

Hydromax 7 Wide Boy Crystal

Hydromax X30 Wide Boy Crystal Clear Penis Pump for men 5 inches to 7 inches when erect. Girth up to 6.5 inches. Bathmate's Hydromax X30 Wide Boy is a brand new hydro pump driven by frequent requests and demand.

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