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Vibrators for Women

Vibrators for Women

A vibrator is as simple as it sounds. It can be used to massage and stimulate all of your intimate areas. Vibrators range is sizes, styles, colors, and power. Some of the most popular vibrators are large and powerful wands and small, discreet bullet vibes! No matter what you are looking for, here at Intimates we have exactly what you need for a full night of fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vibrator?
A vibrator comes in many shapes and sizes, and they can be substantial, like a back massager, or very small, like a bullet. Vibrators are the most popular type of sex toy today. From Air pulsation and bullets to G spot vibrators, we carry all of them at Intimates Adult Boutique.
Vibes for everyone!
Before you begin to play with vibrators, let’s find out which type would be best for you. If you are the type of person who likes Clitoral vibration, we would love to suggest you look at our bullet or egg vibrator section. You will find an array of small toys from simple and low-power to high-powered Super Bullets. These types of toys are designed for clitoral orgasms. Remember that almost 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach Orgasm. Think of a vibrator as the ultimate self-exploration tool.
Are rabbits considered a vibrator?
Of course, rabbits are vibrators. The best thing about a rabbit-style vibrator is that it can stimulate both the clitoris and Internal at the same time. They are creating the perfect situation for a blended orgasm. A blended orgasm is when you can combine your G spot orgasm at the same time as a Clitoral Orgasm, creating the ultimate pleasure a blended orgasm.
Can a vibrator be used for couple's play?
Any sex toy can be incorporated into playtime, and all you need is a little imagination. Small toys like bullet can be used at the base of the penis or when doing cunnilingus on the female. Using a bullet simultaneously can make your mouth the best sex toy it can be.

In this section, we mainly focus on insertable Vibrators, and we have a dedicated
sex toy for women section that has many different styles of vibrators and sex toys. We know it can be challenging to choose the right vibrator, and hopefully, we can steer you in the right direction through our website.

So let’s figure out which vibrator would be best for you. If you like pressure and power and a vibrator, we suggest a
wand-style toy that can apply pressure with the vibration directly to the clitoris. A Rabbit Style toy is perfect for anyone who wants internal and External simultaneously. A Bullet-style toy is for someone who likes intense power in a small mobile package, allowing you to travel or store the sex toy easily. Another great choice, which we don’t always consider a vibrator because of its technology, is the air pulsation sex toy. These toys are designed to mimic oral play. Some of these Air Pulsation or suction toys will have vibration, but most use the airflow to simulate that sensation.
Should I put a condom on a vibrator?
Suppose you were sharing a vibrator with anyone, including a regular partner. It is always advisable to use a condom, particularly if you’re worried about bacteria transferring from one person to another. If you were not sharing a vibrator, then if you wash the sex toy before and after using. They should stop any bacteria from transferring to you.
What’s the best lube for vibrators?
There are so many great lubes today, and we have always felt that lubricants for a very personal choice. We always suggest hybrid Lubricants for toy play. Not all silicon Lubricants are toy friendly, mainly when you use them with a silicone material, water-based Lubricants sometimes can get tacky and it must be reapplied in longer toy sessions. Hybrids are the best of both worlds. You get additional slickness from the silicone, yet it is not enough silicone to hurt the vibrator material. Yet, it has enough water-based lubricant to make it easy to clean up after a play session.
Are vibrators only for women?
Vibration is not only for women, but vibration does work quite differently on a man as opposed to a woman. Women have more nerve endings in the clitoral area then anywhere on the male penis, which is why vibration feels so good to a female fine with a sex toy. In some cases with men, if the vibration is too strong, it can begin to desensitize, making maintaining an erection difficult. Vibration at the base of the penis during oral can feel fantastic, but vibration towards the tip of the penis can sometimes agitate. Most areas of the female anatomy are very receptive to vibration, and whether that be the sphincter, the labia, or the clitoris, vibration wouldn’t normally stimulate all these areas. Too strong of vibration made desensitize after a few minutes. But this is only temporary.
Is in the insert-able vibrator the same as a Dildo?
There are such things as Vibrating Dildos, but in most cases, a dildo is a phallic non-Vibrating sex toy that can be inserted. Not all are phallic, and some are made to be smooth and more easily inserted. Vibrating Dildos come in many shapes and sizes and should be personalized to your taste.
Will a vibrator help your partner orgasm?
Sometimes adding vibration into your sex play can be the difference between your partner having an orgasm and not having an orgasm. Most women struggle to have orgasms just through intercourse, so adding a vibrator to the clitoris during sex could be what helps her get over the top and achieve a fantastic orgasm. Some women still struggle to have orgasms even with a sex toy, and this still can be achieved but requires more communication and patience with a touch of trial and error. Remember to talk to your partner to determine what their favorite types of stimulation are.

If a vibrating toy is not what you’re looking for, may we suggest a fetish item or maybe some massage oil to set the mood? We carry everything you would need to create the ultimate sexy evening at

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