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Suction Toys for Women

Suction Toys for Women

Suction Sex Toys function differently than standard air pulsation toys. These toys create constant suction at the point of contact. These are a must try sex toys if you're looking to simulate oral or trying to bring a little extra blood flow to the clitoris to be extra sensitive. One of the best new clitoral toys on the market. A must have in everyone's collection. Try the rose, it will be your next best friend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Air Pulse and Suction Sex Toys?
Suction/air pulsation toys are designed to mimic certain types of oral play. An air position toy has airflow that circles the clitoris and a thin membrane within the walls of the sex toy. This membrane creates a fluttering type of feeling which stimulates the clitoris to orgasm. As for suction toys, when we refer to this type of stimulation, it is when the toy does not use airflow and uses only suction around the clitoris. Very much like if your partner Locked themselves onto the Clit and sucked firmly. Some prefer the non-aggressive nature of an air toy as opposed to suction, which can be more aggressive but for some feels better than the airflow type of sex toy

If you find that regular clitoral sex toys are too strong, the vibration sometimes desensitizes you. Then a suction or air pulse toy could be in your future. One of the best things about any suction/air pulse toy is they don’t seem to desensitize as much as a vibrating toy. The less your clitoris desensitizes, the greater chance of multiple orgasms. A lot of the styles of a suction toy will create more robust blood flow throughout the clitoris, engorging the clitoral head, adding sensation to the nerve endings. Allowing you to orgasm again and again.
Should I buy a clitoral sex toy or a suction-style sex toy?
At Intimates Boutique, we think you should have both. They are both very different in the way they stimulate the clitoris. Depending on your mood, one may suit your needs better than the other. Strong vibrating clitoral toys can usually help you orgasm quickly, but their strength and vibration can temporarily desensitize. Where as suction and air pulse toys usually take longer to reach orgasm, you have a better chance of having multiple orgasms because they do not sensitize in the same way as a strong vibrator.
What are some of the best pure suction types of toys?
Nu Sensuelle Trinity
This is not only a suction toy but incorporates a flicking tongue after this toy locks onto the clitoris, with solid vibration, a flicking tongue, and suction. This truly is the holy trinity, which I am assuming is the reason for its name. So if you’re looking A toy that will make you say, oh god, then this may be your new best friend.
California Dreaming Malibu Minx
This is a rabbit-style toy with suction, with an insertable solid vibrating G Spot part, And a dedicated suction appendage for the clitoris. It’s sort of like your three-way with someone inside you while someone sucks on the clitoris. It is giving you unimaginable pleasure.

If a
suction/air pulse toy is not what you’re looking for. Please look at our discrete vibrators or G spot vibrator sections. We have a great selection of sex toys for all at intimatesadultboutique.com

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