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Inflating and Ejaculating Dongs

Inflating and Ejaculating Dongs

Are willing to test the limits of your sexuality. Try an inflatable dildo to maximize your pleasure. Wanting to try something a little bit different? Check out an ejaculating dildo! Either kind of these dildos can fulfill your wildest dreams!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us inflate your sex life!
Are you willing to test the limits of your sexuality? Try an inflatable dildo to maximize your pleasure! Before stepping into the inflatable sex toy arena, we suggest you start with the toy deflated. If this size is a good starting point, you have found the correct size.
Inflatable dildos are a great way to experiment with bigger sex toys, to see if they add more pleasure or discomfort. If it is uncomfortable, this may not be the best way to experiment.
Are inflatable toys only in dildos?
While most inflatable toys are dildos, some versions are made for anal play. If you like the feeling of maximum fullness, this may be a great way to experiment with anal. It starts small but can inflate to your ultimate pleasure.
Are ejaculating and inflating the same toy?
As far as we know, there are not any toys that inflate and ejaculate. You get one, or the other, and toys that ejaculate are specifically for this purpose.
Why would you use a toy that fakes ejaculation?
There are many reasons to use this type of sex toy. If you're practicing oral, it gives you a realistic feel of someone finishing by simulating cumming. These are also popular in video cam sessions for an actor who likes to use a dildo during sex play.
Our favorite Ejaculation toy
Strap-On-Me Cum Dil
Because all pleasure should end with fireworks! Soft touch silicone phthalates-free Dildo Cum provides a bottom with three outlet pipes in order to adapt to either left or right-handed users. The 82cm tube offers the possibility to cut the length you want, while the big-volume syringe of 30ml can be filled with your CREAMY or water.
Our Favorite inflating toy
Swell 7x Inflatable-vibrating 8.5in Dildo W- Remote
Swell 7X Inflatable Vibrating 8.5 inches Dildo with Remote Control from XR Brands. Expand your pleasure with this inflating and vibrating dildo! Insert this dong and pump up the size with a push of a button. The included wireless controller makes it easy to control both the vibration and inflation functions so you can find the perfect combination of inflation and buzz. Enjoy the silky smooth silicone and realistic details as it grows in size at your own pace! Combine the swelling feature of this dong with powerful vibration motors! Choose from 3 speeds and four patterns of vibration to accompany your new expanding dong.
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