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Prostate Toys

Prostate Toys

Prostate toys are ergonomically shaped to reach and stimulate the prostate with precision. They often come with different vibration modes and intensity levels for tailored pleasure. We have an amazing selection of the best prostate toys to get you to your super Os conveniently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Try a Prostate Toy - A new kind of orgasm
Should you try a prostate toy? We say if you haven't tried this experience and you are looking for a new twist to male pleasure. By all means, you should play with a prostate toy. Finding the right prostate stimulator can be daunting with the many shapes to choose from, and we are here to help with the decision.
New to prostate toys and prostate play in general?
Don't worry. Lube up your finger and slowly insert it into your anus for about an inch or two. Feel around for something about the size of a walnut. Once you tap it a little, you'll know you've found it. When you get comfortable exploring 'round the mountain, you can begin to use prostate toys for extra anal stimulation. An excellent male prostate massager can hit multiple spots in the anus while still targeting the prostate with vibrations or pulsations.

One of the first things to ask yourself is, do you need vibration? The most significant difference between a vibrating prostate toy and a non-vibrating prostate toy is that the vibration helps engage the prostate and should add unique stimulation. With manual non-vibrating prostate toys, you will need to push the prostate gland towards the toy. Using a rocking motion, you can stimulate the prostate until you orgasm.
Frequently asked questions
Are prostate orgasms different than a regular orgasms?
A prostate orgasm isn't the same as an orgasm achieved during intercourse or penile masturbation. It is called milking the prostate for a reason. One of t most unique parts of milking is that you may not get an erection but still achieve orgasm. Another thing very different, and this doesn't apply to all, is you don't always shoot a stream with prostate play. Sometimes it is more like a prolonged drip, leading to a more extended orgasm than a non-prostate type of orgasm.
Do I need a lubricant when using a prostate toy?
It is always best to use a lubricant with any sex play, but particularly with any anal type of sex toy. Silicone is best for anal play but may not always be best with a silicone prostate toy. In those cases, we suggest using a hybrid, which adds extra slickness without harming the toy.
Can I use a prostate toy when having sex?
Absolutely you can. The only thing to consider is the prostate toy is designed to rub against the prostate. While using it during intercourse, you may need to adjust the toy to keep it on the prostate. Another option is to use a larger anal toy that will cover more area.
Does using a prostate toy hurt?
Prostate toys come in many shapes and sizes. Finding the toy that fits you best is important. Since prostate toys are about the toy's shape rather than size, look for a toy that will fit comfortably in your butt. That said, the larger the surface, the better the chance of hitting the prostate.
Our three favorite Prostate toys
O-Boy Prostate Massager by Rocks Off
For either first-timers or experienced P-spot enthusiasts, the sleek, stream-lined, and un-intimidating Rocks Off O-Boy provides users with unique lines and clever angles to provide the optimum fit against the P-spot while 7 speeds of thunderous vibration targets the perineum. O-boy's clever hands-free design allows the freedom to pleasure and explore!
Prostate Massager Black by Blush Novelties
Great for beginners, this non-vibrating prostate toy is perfect if you have never tried prostate play and do not want to invest much until you have tried it.

FORTO Thumper by Femme Funn

Explore new thrills with FORTO's Thumper Anal Vibrator! With 8 vibration modes and five tantalizing thumping speeds, this 100% premium silicone anal vibrator is ergonomically shaped to stimulate the P-spot, especially with the beautiful ripple design at the P-spot stimulation point.

If you want
anal instead of prostate toys, Please check out our anal toy section at intimatesadultboutique.com

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