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Finger Vibrators

Finger Vibrators

Using your fingers has never been so much fun. With power and control all at the tips of your fingers. These toys are great for foreplay, finding the g spot, and an easy way to add vibration during intercourse; Finger Vibes are just fun to use. try a fun finger vibe today. Just let your fingers do the walking!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are finger vibrators so much fun?
Finger vibrators should be part of everyone’s toy kit. The versatility of a finger vibe is one of the most extraordinary things about this type of sex toy. While being worn on the finger, it becomes part of your anatomy, and it’s so much easier to find your partner's sexy spots when you have a vibrator at the tip of your finger as opposed to holding one in your hand. Don’t let the size of these little sex toys fool you; some have a very heavy vibration considering their size.
Another great thing about finger vibrators is that they can be incorporated with other sex toys,
creating a pleasure zone that cannot be denied. Try using a dildo while you use a finger vibrator. This combination of internal and external stimulation could be one to send you over the top. Finger vibes are also fantastic travel toys, easy to throw in a small bag or luggage on a trip.
How do I know which finger vibe is best for me?
It depends on what actions you want from your finger vibrator. Some finger vibrators are intended to be used to find the G spot while others are meant more for clitoral stimulation. There are even finger vibrators that have an extra vibrator near the palm for clitoral stimulation while the finger part of the sex toy is inserted. 
Many finger vibrators cannot compete with some of the larger sex toys, like the Magic Wand or most sex toys from the Femme Funn and Nu Sensulle product lines, which are all considered powerful toys. So are we ready to turn our fingers into sex machines? These are some of our favorites and why.
Femme Funn Dioni
A heavier deep vibration and the fact it attaches to the finger in a way, it could be used as a G Spot vibe. It is also a higher quality vibrator than most finger vibrators on the market today. Fitting over the finger, this rechargeable vibrator is also waterproof.
The Fin by Dame
This unique finger vibe has a different setup than most finger vibes. The Fin fits snuggly between two fingers, enabling you to get more pressure against the clitoris when the toys are used. This toy is also waterproof and rechargeable, and a very high-quality toy as well.
The Vedo Vivi Vibe
We consider this finger vibe a mid-price range toy, it works very much like most two-finger vibes. It fits ergonomically and is rechargeable as well as entirely submersible, a fantastic addition to any toy collection.
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