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Masturbators for Men

Masturbators for Men

Give yourself a hand with Intimates's male masturbation toys. Our strokers, blowjob toys and realistic masturbators can elevate your solo play. Masturbators can elevate a hand-job from your partner with high-tech additions that far surpass their grip and technique, while remote control options unlock even more options for foreplay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Masturbators- Why are they fun?
Penis-owner sex toys are one of the best-selling items in the adult market. Why should vulva-owners have all the fun? They are more versatile and functional than ever before.
What type of masturbator is right for you?
Let us make some suggestions and give you the basics on the functionality and the best ways to use these penis sex toys.
Do you like sex more than your partner or do you want to try new things? These toys can be used to enhance your sex life, too, since many of these toys can help with stamina and control. Some masturbators can even be used when flaccid and can help promote erections by concentrating on the frenulum.
Self-pleasure is becoming so much more popular than it once was. Masturbation can be a great solo act or a supplement for couples to try or incorporate into their sexual routine, and mutual masturbation is one of the best ways to share sex toys.
What are some of our favorite types of men's sex toys?
Strokers can be both canister incased or simple free form. For our conversation, we will be discussing free-form toys. These great strokers stretch to accommodate even the largest of penises. Most of these toys have a textured inside to add stimulation when stroking.
Anal Masturbators
These anal masturbators are unique because they have an entrance that looks like the anus. In many of these sex toys, the channel where the penis goes has bumps and ridges that simulate anal sex.
Powered Masturbators
Power masturbators are always electric via batteries or rechargeable. Most of the masturbators are made to do all the work. There are many styles of these types of toys. Some have beads to stroke the penis, similar to a hand stroking. Other types have vibration while the penis is enclosed, and some create suction, like a mouth over the penis. All these feel great and work for most penises.
Cannister Fleshlight Style Masturbators
These are the most popular style of male toys out there. The best thing about these toys is that the canister gives you a feeling like you have sex with someone because the canister replaces the hand. This makes the toy feel like you are not using your hand to pleasure yourself, which makes it a great way to masturbate.
Best Male Sex Toys Top picks for strokers
Tenga Spinner
Fleshlight Quickshot
Top picks for anal masturbators
Zolo Backdoor Cup
PDX Fuck Me Silly To Go
The best in powered male toys
Zolo Thrustbuster
CRUIZR Rotating Masturbator
Try a Male Vibrator
Fun Factory Manta
Boners Vibrating Blowjob Masturbator
Frequently asked questions
Do they make male toys of my favorite pornstar?
If your fantasy is having sex with your favorite porn star, this is your lucky day. Many strokers and canister-style toys are modeled after your favorite porn star.
Are masturbators better than the real thing?
Even though these toys can be quite fun and sometimes very intense, a lover that knows what you like and the skill to perform those acts is a very tough comparison to sex toys. That said, lifelike sex dolls and mechanical toys with different materials and designs are a good option. Some excellent and pleasurable sex toys will make you want to try different types to maximize your pleasure.
How do I know which toy is best for me?
This depends on what you want from a sex toy. Are you looking for something quick and easy to clean? Do you want a toy that does the work for you? Do you want to feel like you're having sex with someone? We have many sex toys that will solve any of your needs. Strokers are the most discreet and usually are an easy clean up with soap and water. A mechanical toy is best for hands-free sex play, and body molds or sex dolls can simulate having sex with a real person. Some are even full-size replicas!
Decide what you are looking for and your price range. This will set parameters to narrow down the great selections
Intimates Adult Boutique.
All male sex toys are fun to play with. Not much feels as good as a human, but these toys are pretty darn close. These toys are great for self-pleasure but also help with stamina and help make you a better lover.
If Masturbators are not what you're looking for may we suggest trying a prostate toy or check out some of our other collections at www.intimatesadultboutique.com

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