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Rabbit Style Sex Toy

Rabbit Style Sex Toy

Looking for clitoral and internal stimulation at the same time? Look no further than a rabbit style vibrator. Rabbits can help you achieve that ever elusive blended orgasm. Each rabbit is also a little bit different from each other. Some of them are simple and just vibrate, suck on the clitoris, are even tap or thrust against the g-spot! They all sound so exciting, so why don't you check one out for yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so great about a rabbit?
It’s double the fun which means it is double the pleasure. They are a wide array of rabbit sex toys to choose from, with many rabbits focusing differently on the clitoris and the G spot. Finding that perfect combination should lead you to find the best in blended orgasms. A blended orgasm is when you simultaneously have a G spot and a clitoral orgasm, creating a super orgasm.

I may be showing my age, but my first experience with a rabbit sex toy was during Sex in the City when Samantha had the original jack rabbit. By today’s standards, these gel-style rabbits have become almost obsolete, but it’s still very popular with many. At
Intimates, and We carry every rabbit style imaginable, Toys that twirl, vibrate and even thump the G spot. There are many types of rabbit heads, whether it is rabbit ears, suction, or a pressure-style rabbit head. With rabbit-style sex toys, you get the best of both worlds.
What is the best way to use a dual stimulation rabbit?
We always suggest using a decent amount of lubricant on the inserted part, which will only help with the pleasure and really cannot hurt. Proper lubrication will almost always give you a more satisfying experience. After lubricating the tip of the insertable part, slowly insert at a slightly upward angle since there is more vaginal space towards the top of the pelvic wall after inserting the toy's internal part and applying pressure to the G spot. This is when we suggest you turn on the internal vibration, this will help you understand the amount of pressure you need to apply before the vibration begins.

After you have begun stimulating the G spot and adjusted to how this feels, slowly push the external stimulator against the clitoris and turn on the motor function. We have always found that depending on how you like your oral sex performed, and this should help you with the type of stimulation you were looking for. An example of this is, if you like the flakiness from a tip of someone’s tongue, you are likelier to like a rabbit ear-style toy, which would be the closest to simulating this type of action. Suppose you prefer pressure from the tongue while someone performs oral. In that case, we suggest an external stimulator with a firmer, rounder area like a tongue that you would press firmly against the clitoris. Another option for the outside stimulator is suction. If you would prefer your partner perform a suction on your clitoris during oral, one of the suction style rabbits may suit your needs best.
How much of the rabbit vibrator is inserted?
Most rabbits are inserted just deep enough until the Clitoral stimulator begins to touch the inner labia/clitoral area. This is usually only around four or 5 inches of insertion unless the toy has a longer insertable part that may reach the A spot near the cervix.

What if I like the ears of a rabbit but not the insertion part?

One option is to turn the rabbit-style toy upside down, so the external stimulator is still hitting the clitoris, but the internal part is not inside your body. There are also many options of rabbit ear-only types of clitoral sex toys that enable you to use like a flicking rabbit ears, but without the internal stimulation card.

These are our pics for each style of rabbit.

The Beso G suction vibrator.

This vibrator is from a brand called Voodoo toys, which is part of a bigger brand called Thank Me Now Brands. These are high-quality, tech-driven pleasure toys. We like this toy because the G Spot part of the toy is long enough to apply steady pressure on the G spot, While the clitoral suction/air pulsation part does its job. One of our favorite things about this particular sex toy is, that within the suction area, there is a small soft part that vibrates against the clitoris. Creating a subtle yet very satisfying type of stimulation. It also comes with an easy-to-use handle and controls.

Happy Rabbit Classic G spot Vibrator

We love this rabbit for its simplicity, and its functionality has a beautifully curved
G spot vibrator. What makes the toy special is the power in the ears and rabbit head area. Another good thing about this rabbit is you can use the flicking motion of the rabbit ears or press firmer and engage the rabbit's nose, stimulation. Making this a versatile rabbit and is also very powerful and comes with an outstanding warranty.

California Dreaming San Diego Seduction Rabbit

This may be the perfect toy for you if you enjoy pressure on the clitoris with the vibration. This toy has a smooth insertable G spot with a pulsating tip, creating a thumping action on the G spot. Unlike a rabbit ear or suction-type head, this head performs very much as if someone’s finger was pressing on the clitoris and moving at an exceptionally high rate of speed. The dedicated vibration of this style of toy is what makes it so great at giving orgasms.

There are almost too many different types of rabbits to cover in this short informational blog. If a rabbit toy is not what you would like, we suggest an
air pulsation toy or G spot toy to use together to create this type of stimulation. At intimatesadultboutique.com, we have it all.

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