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A stroker is a toy designed for penis (and sometimes testicle!) stimulation during solo or partnered play. Strokers are designed to amp up pleasure during masturbation using grip, friction, and textured or smooth material. Other common names for strokers maybe: Pocket pussies, sleeves, masturbators, or fleshlights! Use a stroker with a good hybrid lubricant, and you're off to the races!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Strokers the best male sex toy?
To anyone packing a penis, there is nothing better than the real thing. But when the real thing isn’t available, and you need a quick release, a pocket pussy or stroker is a fantastic option.
Strokers come in many shapes and sizes and are not always shaped or look like a vagina. Many are non-phallic, and are open-ended for longer penises.

Pocket pussies or strokers are sometimes shaped like a mouth, or even an anal opening. Most of the Strokers are inexpensive, easy to use, and have a textured interior to increase your sexual pleasure. The Strokers can be used as a oral assist toy, since many are very short. Have an opening on the end which allows for the head of the Penis to be exposed for your partners suction.
FAQ for pocket pussies and strokers
Are all Strokers soft on the outside?
Many Strokers, especially the less expensive versions, are usually soft on both the inside and the outside of the toy. There are exceptions to this, like the Tenga Flip Hole, Fleshlight Masturbators or the Doc Johnson squeeze male masturbation toys. These toys have a hard shell on the outside, and a soft membrane on the inside. Instead of a stroking feeling on the Penis, this will give you a certain degree of separation, making it feel as if you’re holding someone’s head as they go up and down on your Penis. This is particularly pleasurable because you are not controlling the toy with your hand as much.
What are pocket pussies and Strokers made of?
Pocket pussies are usually made of TPE or TPR, these gel and flesh-like materials are soft and create an incredibly fun tunnel for you Penis. They are sometimes made from silicone, but this material isn’t as soft or lifelike as the TPE or TPR materials. The advantage to silicone is the toy will not break down as quickly. The integrity of the material will get softer with time and offer less sensation than it did when you first purchased the item.
How to clean a Stroker?
1. remove the sleeve from the casing, if it has one
2. Use warm water or a
toy cleaner, rinse the sleeve, wipe down, and then air dry
3.if a casing exists, wipe this down too
4. If you use a toy powder or cornstarch for TPR & TPE materials. This will help with the longevity of your stroker.
5. Store in a dry location and preferably not in a plastic bag. The moisture can ruin the material of your stroker.
What are some of the best things about a pocket pussy stroker?
* they are more affordable than most other male sex toys
* easy to maintain and clean
* they are small and easy to travel with
* they come with different designs and textures to give you different sexual sensations
* creates different sexual fun without the risk of catching STI‘s

If you were not looking for a pocket pussy or stroker, and prefer a larger sex toy to masturbate with, then we would like for you to look at our masturbation section at
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