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G Spot Vibrators

G Spot Vibrators

Finding the G-Spot can be the most rewarding of all the things you might try. Achieving a Blended orgasm (both Clitoral and G Spot) may be one of the biggest orgasms you can ever have. Using G-Spot Vibrators helps excite the G-Spot for more blended orgasms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the G Spot
Strictly speaking from a medical viewpoint, the Graffenburg spot is supposed to be a remnant of the male prostate and lost through evolution, and the fact that women do not need a prostate. There are many arguments that the G spot does not exist, but from my own experience, I have found that not to be true.

The easiest way to find the G spot is to take a finger and enter through the vagina up the pelvic wall until you reach the pelvic ceiling. At this point, reach out with a come hither movement, which is sort of like telling someone to go in your direction. Rubbing in an area about a half inch from the edge of the ceiling, you will feel a rough spot, and the more aroused the G spot is, the more you can feel this rough spot.

After talking to many people about the G spot and many of our classes, we have found that many people try to find the G spot when it is not in an aroused state. The G spot is always easier to find in a post-orgasm mood. When aroused, the G spot will become puffier and easier to stimulate.

Now, if a partner is not there to use a finger, then a G spot toy or G spot vibrator should be used to help stimulate the G spot. A G spot toy is any toy long enough to reach the G spot and has a slight curl so it can press up towards the pelvic ceiling.

When we were talking about orgasms, we feel there were three major types of orgasms. The first and obvious is a Clitoral orgasm. The next would be an internal orgasm, which is harder to achieve. And the ultimate orgasm is called a blended orgasm. This is when you have a G spot and a clitoral orgasm at the same moment. This type of orgasm is usually much larger, and more intense than most regular clitoral orgasms.

It’s very sad to know that many people haven’t experienced a G-spot orgasm, and that isn’t for the lack of trying. Vibrators open up a whole new world of sexual experiences. They can be used individually or with a partner, and they can be a part of foreplay or actual penetrative sex. Just imagine the intensity you’ll experience during double penetration involving a
clitoral vibrator. And that’s just one of the numerous possible options such a toy makes.
Which is the best G Spot Vibrator to buy?
These are three favorite G spot vibrators, and what about them that we find so great. These picks are based on shape, vibration, and how the toy can be incorporated into regular sex.
VeDO Quiver PLUS Purple Rechargable
We love this G Spot toy. It isn’t overpriced and has enough length to hit anyone's g spot. It is a rechargeable toy, and it’s ten speeds will get the job done. It has a large enough motor for a deeper vibration which is fantastic when trying to stimulate the G Spot.
B Swish Bgee Classic Plus
This classic G spot design has been around almost since sex toys were invented. One of the biggest reasons we like this G spot toy is its slim handle enables you to do oral while trying to stimulate the G spot. Its bulbous head design gives you an excellent surface area to easily hit the G spot. Another great thing about this toy is that it's budget-friendly but still effective! Remember, when using a G spot toy, it is sometimes harder to find the G spot, so a larger surface area of vibration helps the toy achieve orgasms.
Le Wand Gee - The ultimate G spot design
We think this shape of the G spot toy is the best for stimulating the G spot area. Why do we like the design of this toy? The toy's length, the natural curvature that the toy makes place the toy in the perfect G spot position combined with the wide flat tip, and an intense vibration for the size of this toy. The combination of these three things makes this a perfect G-spot toy. On a sidenote lay, one is one of the highest quality toy lines on the market. This G spot toy should last for years and give you many orgasms over that period of time.

There are many other G-spot toys in the section. Some are high quality and pricier, and some are much less expensive. All these toys are designed to hit the G spot. There are rabbit-style or dual stimulators that hit the G spot and clitoral area at the same time. But we will discuss those more when we get to rabbit-style sex toys.

If you were not interested in a G spot toys? May we suggest looking at a
clitoral toy or one of our dildos? There are many other choices from Intimates Adult Boutique.

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