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Penis Extensions

Penis Extensions

Penis extensions are for the person who either want just a little extra girth and length or wants to play the fantasy of having a larger penis. Extensions tend to be on the softer size, so if you are a person who lives with ED, these may not be for you. If you need an extension for ED, check our selection of Hollow Strap-ons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Penis Extensions
Intimates Adult Boutique carries some of the best penis extensions found anywhere.
Not all penises are created equal, so one of these great extensions can help level the playing field.
Does size matter?
Unfortunately, in a lot of situations, it does matter. Penis extensions are a great way to add length and thickness to your member. Remember, it's always about your partner's pleasure; if a penis extension helps with this, you should try one.
Penis extensions or sleeves work in many ways like a condom, except they are designed to add extra length and girth or both with certain types of these extensions. Let's face it, most of us want more size than we naturally have. Various sizes and materials are used for these types of penis extensions. Usually, it is a flexible material like silicone, TPE, or TPR. All these materials allow you to stretch the extension over the penis.

Penis sleeves will make you appear bigger and harder. Many people with penises are hoping for this kind of improvement, and some sleeves will fit around the shaft only and are intended to add girth, while others will cover the tip of the penis and add some extra length. Remember, when choosing a sleeve, you want something that will add length but not be so long that it will appear floppy on the end of the penis. No one wants a floppy penis, and these toys will help.
Do penis extensions or penis sleeves hurt?
Unless they were too small or the material used was not stretchy enough, most penis extensions should be comfortable and easy to use. One suggestion is to ensure the material is stretchy enough and soft before using the penis extension.
Do I use lubricant with a penis extension?
Because most penis extensions are made of a porous material, lube is suggested when using. A water-based or hybrid lubricant is your best choice to lubricate a penis extension. Don't lubricate the shaft before putting the extension onto the penis; this could make it too slippery to stay on the penis.
Are penis extensions expensive?
Most penis extensions are average in price. Some higher-grade silicones, like platinum silicone, or extensions that include vibration, can be a little pricier than your standard TPE style extensions.

These are our top three favorite extensions on the website.
Ultimate Extender Ivory by Cal Exotic
This extension is smaller but adds an additional inch to the end of your penis and has a secure opening for the testicles to drop down through. This sleeve also has a bumpy textured inside to add more sensation while using.
Fat Boy Original Ultra Fat 5.5 Sleeve
This penis sheath is fantastic for two reasons: The first reason is that the inside of the sleeves is textured, so the wearer gets added sensation while using, and the second reason is the fantastic material used. It is both soft and stretchy to accommodate most wearers.
Performance 9 Inch cock sheath penis extender
This is an excellent extender made from TPE with 9 inches total length and 6 inches insertable length. This realistic-looking sheet is perfect for adding girth and length simultaneously.

Whether you're looking for a penis extension to add girth, length, or both, these extensions will help you in any sexual situation. If penis extensions are not what you're looking for, may we suggest hollow extensions or dildos from one of our
Intimates Adult Boutique collections?

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