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We carry every type of sex toy in adult retail. Most orgasms are Air Pulsation Toys for women. Our favorite Men's toys are the Masturbators. Dildos are always fun? Want to try something new? Anal toys are a great way to expand your sexual fun. We also have great Fetish and the best Lubricants.

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+What Lubricant is best for masturbators?

Answer - Water base is the preferred Lube

+Best way to clean a male toy?

Answer - Soap and water are best, use a toy cleaner for added protection.


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+Do All Dildos have suction cups?

Most Dildos are harness compatible and do have a suction cup, but not all do. Make sure there is a proper cone at the bottom before buying one with a suction cup.

Can you buy dildos in different sizes?

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What are the most popular Anal Sex Toys?

We find Butt Plugs are by far the most popular sex toys we sell. They are great because you can do other fun things while the toy is inside.

Should you share anal sex toys?

we don't recommend it because of bacteria, if you do? Use a condom when switching from one partner to the next. Never does vaginal and then switch to anal.

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Do Couples Toys help relationships?

What are the best toys for couples?

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