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Bullet and Egg Vibrators

Bullet and Egg Vibrators

Bullet and Egg vibrators are some of the most popular sex toys on the market. Why? They are made to be simple and because many of the bullets made today are some of the most powerful toys you can buy. From Rechargeable bullet to wired eggs. These will make your toes wiggle. Pro Tip: you can also use small bullet vibrators on other erogenous zones like the tip of the penis and the nipples!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bullet vibrators do we offer?
There are so many different types of bullets to choose from, everything from very tiny, super powerful to larger bullets with different shapes and deeper vibrations. If you’re looking for something compact with the most power available in its size, then look no further than the Nu Sensual Joie. This little bullet is ultra-powerful, with over 9000 RPMs, making it a little on the buzzy side but a very effective toy for quick orgasms.

If you’re looking for something more versatile, we suggest the
Nu Sensual Bailii. Why do we love this toy at Intimates Adult Boutique? Because of its versatility and the many ways you can use it. It is a longer bullet with enough length that your fingers will not go numb holding it, yet enough power to reach multiple orgasms. One of the things we like the most about the sex toy is the shape, the little curl on the end of the toy enables the toy to be worked in a tight spot during intercourse or this toy can be used as a G spot toy while giving oral. This is why we feel it is such a versatile sex toy.

Looking for a fun way to use a bullet outside of the bedroom? Then we would like to suggest a
panty vibe with remote control. One of our favorites of this type of toy is the We Vibe Chorus, and We Vibe Match, which are both C shaped style wearable vibrators. The most significant difference between these two toys is one works for the phone app, and the other is remote control only. Another great choice is the Oh My Bod Esca two, which is more of an insertable bullet that can be inserted vaginally and controlled with a phone app. Giving you pleasure all day long, even when you’re at work.
What is good and what is bad about vibrating bullets?
The biggest advantage to most bullet-style sex toys is the power! Most bullets have the best motor that is placed in most sex toys except for wands. Another great thing about bullet or egg sex toys is they are small enough to be discreetly placed in your purse for travel or any other adventures you are into.

As far as the bad thing about bullets and eggs, most are very buzzy due to their power and can desensitize the clitoris with heavy use, making it sometimes harder to have multiple orgasms. We suggest a deeper vibrating toy like a
Magic Wand or a similar type of wand.
Frequently asked questions about bullets and eggs
How durable are these types of toys?
We consider these toys to be average and durability. Not because they’re poorly made, but because the motors are so powerful, they sometimes tend to burn out quicker. Most come with decent warranties, usually around one year. Another reason some of these toys are considered not as durable, because quite a few will have a wire attached to the bullet. With time, these wires tend to break. When this happens, the bullet usually stops working.
What’s the power system for this type of toy?
These toys tend to be rechargeable in today’s adult sex toy market. However, most of the bullets with wires will still be battery-operated. If this toy is battery operated, usually a standard AAA or AA battery will power the toy. Most rechargeable bullets are much stronger than battery-operated bullets.
How do I control bullet-style sex toys?
This varies from toy to toy. The toys with a battery-style power source usually have a dial or button controller style. Either turning the dial to increase power or pushing a button to change the speeds. Many rechargeable bullets are a push button multi-speed type of toy. The more advanced sex toys from the style will have a remote control or a phone app in which you can control the speeds and the function of these toys.
What is the size of most bullets?
Some of these bullets and egg sex toys, or a little bit longer and larger. But for the most part, these bullets are intended and designed to be small and discreet. Most of these toys are between two and 3 inches long, but some will get as large as 6 inches.
What is the best way to clean a bullet and egg vibrator?
If it’s a toy with a wire, these are not waterproof toys normally. We suggest you wash the vibrating part only with soap, water, or toy cleaner. Most rechargeable bullets are either splashproof or in some cases, completely waterproof. Splashproof means you can usually wash the toy, but you cannot submerge the toy. Waterproof means you can completely cover the toy with water, but we suggest you do not submerge the toy any deeper than 3 feet of water. At this point, water pressure takes over and the toy becomes more susceptible to leakage.

We hope you enjoy our store and if bullet-style toys are not what you’re looking for, may we suggest you look at our
rabbit-style sex toys or vibrator section?Anything else, please look at the rest of our site! www.intimatesadultboutique.com

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