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G Spot/P Spot

G Spot/P Spot

The G-spot/P-spot dildo is known for its unique, angled shape that places the tip in the perfect position to massage your most sensitive erogenous zone. In addition to this stimulating design, many of these dildos offer other amazing features, such as vibrating functions and realistic details for a more authentic experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

G Spot Dildos hit the spot!
A G Spot dildo is a great way to find the g spot. The curve of these dildos are designed to hit the right place every time. These are toys that should be part of anyone's collection. Imagine pushing against the G spot with one of these dildos while you use a clitoral vibrator or suction sex toy. It is the perfect combo of pleasure, and you are creating another excellent way for a blended orgasm.
Learn to use these fun curved toys and have a g-spot orgasm every time you self-play. At Intimates Boutique, we only carry the best g spot dildos that can be found.
Can you find your g spot with this style dildo?
It is one of the best ways to hit your g spot. Since these dildos don't vibrate, it is easy to feel the pressure against the g spot. This will almost feel like you have to pee if you are hitting the area correctly. Glass dildos are a great pick for getting pressure precisely on the g spot.
Can G Spot toys be used for Anal play?
Of course, these shaped toys can be used for anal. Although there wouldn't be a big difference between this shape and a
straight dildo., it would still be quite pleasurable. We want to suggest 
prostate play. The G Spot design has the perfect curve for P Spot pleasure. Combine while giving oral and send your partner over the top with pleasure.
Apart from choosing the right shape and features, you should also pick a material that meets your needs. Cyberskin materials are very realistic, giving you sensations similar to what you’ll have with an actual partner.
Silicone is a bit stiffer, allowing for precise and very targeted
stimulation. There are other choices, as well.
Glass curved dildos take stiffness to the next level, and they’re also perfect for temperature play. Heat them or get them cool – whichever option you choose, the temperature element will stimulate and arouse you, giving you the intensity and something completely unexpected.
A g-spot dildo is a perfect addition to your sex toy collection, regardless of your gender, sexuality, relationship status, body type, etc. Take it out in the moments when you crave intensity. The dildo will deliver precisely what you need every single time.
If a G Spot Dildo isn't what you're looking for, may we suggest a Vibrating dildo at Intimatesadultboutique.com?

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