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Wand Sex Toys

Wand Sex Toys

Are you power-hungry? Looking for a toy that will satisfy all your nerves no matter how deep they are? A wand may be your new best friend! No matter how big or small a wand is, they are designed to serve up unmatched power to give you the strongest orgasm possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best thing about a wand body massager sex toy?
There are so many beautiful things about this type of sex toy. The most important reason most people buy a body massager style toy is power, power, and more power. Some of the larger ones in this category, particularly the ones that plug into a wall socket, are some of the most potent sex toys that can be purchased. And their depth of vibration is unmatched.

Because of how they were built, a
body wand type of sex toy can also be some of the most reliable toys on the market. Almost every sex toy company in the world will carry at least one if not many types of body wands. Just picture that you have just penetrated your partner, and she can maneuver one of these toys to her clitoris while having intercourse. This may be one of the best ways to orgasm using a toy. The depth of vibration does not seem to desensitize as quickly as a smaller speedy bullet would.

Everyone should have this style of sex toy in their ultimate kit particularly if you like pressure instead of a flicking sensation on the clitoris. These types of toys come in many different sizes; depending on the size, the vibration is greater in the larger wands. These back massager type of sex toys also come powered with a
plug in the wall, or rechargeable and sometimes battery operated. These types of toys also come in many sizes, from the large full-size ones down to some small enough to hold in one hand. Generally speaking, the larger the wand, the more powerful the sex toy will be.
How to choose the right wand?
The two most important things when choosing a back massager style wand is, does it need a wall outlet to work or is it something that can be used freely. If you’re traveling, the larger plug in the wall and the larger rechargeable sex toys can be cumbersome to travel with. While some of these small rechargeable massagers are still effective but are easier to travel with.
Are Wands designed for a particular spot?
A wand is usually designed for clitoral stimulation and to press and add pressure to the spot you’re trying to stimulate. Because of the toy design, they are generally not used for internal play, but there are attachments that can be used to turn these types of toys into internal toys. Some of these attachments may be used for G spot stimulation, and some types function more like a rabbit-style toy in the sense that there is a g spot and clitoral stimulator.
Are wand-style sex toys noisy?
Due to their sheer power and the size of the motors used in these styles of sex toys, they can be a little bit more on the noisy side. The larger the wand, the heavier the vibration, and the noisier this toy may be. Some smaller models are not as noisy but still pack a lot of power.
Should I use a lubricant with a wand?
Lube will make any sexual situation better. Considering the amount of power in one of these type of toys, lubrication should always be used even though it is an external toy by design. Something that is forgotten is that different types of lubricants and formulas can create different sensations while using a sex toy or during intercourse. Sometimes the best way of experimenting sexually is to try a different lubricant.

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