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The Many Benefits of a Penis Ring - Part 2

The Many Benefits of a Penis Ring - Part 2

In the second part of this blog, we'll be discussing the many ways you can wear penis rings, how penis rings are both a Male and Female toy, and discuss how each combination can promote different sensations. If penis rings are still new to you, consider this part a peek into what lies beyond one simple ring, and what more penis rings can do for you and your sex life.

Position Me Here

Position 1; Let us start with the position we've been familiarizing ourselves with; A ring around the Base. This is arguably the easiest way to position a penis ring, and is generally great for all the effects of a ring; this position traps blood in the penis, can make the penis appear larger or wider, and can make the penis more sensitive. This position is best when first experimenting with rings, either alone or with a partner,  though later you might find one of the following positions to feel even better...

Position 2; The Whole Package; Similar feeling to the 1st suggestion, though with a little more grasp. This position is incredible when playing orally, as a ring in place of a hand can make your oral experience hands-free. Again, this position is exceptional at trapping the blood in the penis, while simultaneously stimulating the testicles. This can create a fantastic sensation in the testicles, which is as unique a feeling as it is pleasing. This position also holds longer; lube is great but too much lube can cause rings to slip off position. While positioning the ring this way, you have much less of a chance of slippage.

Position 3; Testicles Only; This position is amazing for those who enjoy testicle stimulation, want to experiment with testicle stimulation, or for anyone looking to control premature ejaculation. This position is also, again, great for oral. The testicles don't always get a lot of stimulation, so adding a ring during oral could bring your game to a whole new level.

Position 4; Double Ring Shaft; You aren't limited to one ring! Try playing around with two at once, and in different combinations! Two lovely combinations include this one here. This position especially enhances the look and girth of the penis, all the while making the wearer last longer than Position 1 or 2. This position is ultra stimulating to the wearer as well! Try teasing the head when put in this position...

Position 5; Penis and Testicles; Here's that second Double-Ring combination I was talking about! Similar to Position 3, this combination helps prevent premature ejaculation, while also enhancing the look and girth of the penis, and increasing the sensitivity of the wearer. I consider this combination the best of all the Worlds, since it really brings all the benefits to the table in one nifty, hot looking combination.

Adding Some Vibrations

This is a vibrating penis ring! They can look similar to a non-vibrating ring, but will include a vibrating motor somewhere. This kind of toy has always been marketed to women as a toy he can wear for her stimulation, but lately the shocking lack of quality Men's toys have lead us to reconsider gender marketing when it comes to Vibrating Penis Rings (or toys in general). Men's toys are not up to par with the satisfaction women come to find when purchasing a new toy. Be it that these companies haven't figured out when men like, or that they're just trying to put toys out for the sake of selling something, we still have to find a silver lining around the clouds.

Many men find high-pitched vibration overly stimulating to the point of momentary numbness. Penis rings like the Atom and Atom + by Hot Octopuss have put men first when it comes to vibration. While a ring has the ability to soften some of the vibration, vibration reverberates, so most of the time you can't get around being able to feel the buzziness.

While a buzz causes over stimulation, a rumbly, more luscious vibration frequency can really excite and enhance the male orgasm. Along with the Atom rings, the Tryst by Doc Johnson has a very medium frequency, not too buzzy and not totally deep. This ring is multifaceted and can be used on and off the body. The unique shape of the Tryst allows stimulation for him on or behind the testicles, depending on the position.

Another honorable mention is the Roco by VeDo. Imitating it's younger ring, the Roq, the Roco brings the stimulation to him. While She enjoys her motor, he gets one too, right on the perineum (this is a sensitive spot behind the testicles, before the anus). The Roq-shaped ring at the top can be positioned around the base while the second ring at the bottom allows a nice, full grasp on the testicles. The motor then sits on his perineum, which if followed up in the body, the perineum is adjacent to the prostate, making rings like the Roco, Tryst and Atom + all part-time prostate massagers! Prostate can be a really scary conversation, so having a couple rings that cater to him and his prostate are a sight for sore eyes!

*** The picture above shows the Atom + being positioned to stimulate the prostate externally - AKA the Perineum. ***

All By Myself

I wanted to quickly include this section for those whom are asking the same question I had; How can men use a vibrating penis rings alone? The answer is; the same way you'd use a non-vibrating ring! The vibration can be an amazing new sensation, so using a stroker with a vibrating ring on is one way! Another way to use a vibrating ring is more prostate stimulation! To do this, position a simple vibrating ring like the Sensuelle Wireless Penis Ring w/ Remote Control under the whole package and place the vibrator on the perineum. This may take some figuring out, but once positioned right, the vibration stimulating some of the shaft and testicles,  and the sensation right on the perineum will make for an amazing combination.


I hope this blog has shed some light on penis rings, what they do and who can use them. No one toy is meant for one kind of person, but penis rings have been a primarily female-beneficial toy for far too long. It's time to talk to men directly about why they need/ should use a penis ring, and what wearing a penis ring during intercourse or masturbation can do for their pleasure. With very little male vibrators out on the market, it's high time we figure out what else men can use to enjoy themselves and enhance their pleasure.


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