Body Positivity in the Bedroom

Body Positivity in the Bedroom


 Wear Something That Makes You Feel Good

Sometimes the right outfit can change your mood and boost your confidence. If your confidence is higher, it may reflect to your partner and heighten you experience. This beautiful aqua teddy is the perfect mix of flirty and sexy. If you want something a little more classic, try this black babydoll that is sure to make you feel good.









Communicate with Your Partner

Communication is always key with your partner. You shouldn't feel obligated to put yourself in an uncomfortable position just to please them. If you don't feel right doing something, then say so! Honesty can also be a huge turn on and possibly make things better. Now back to comfort. If you do want to try something different for your partner but you aren't sure if you can stay in that position, you should try a liberator! They are versatile and able to help you get into many positions and be comfortable doing so.

Get Some Photos Taken

This could tie into you finding a really cute piece of lingerie. Seeing yourself in a different setting could make you feel different about yourself. Be them professional or self portraits; you can play with different outfits, looks, really anything. And even though you are doing them to see yourself in a positive light, sexy pictures would make a perfect gift for that special someone.








Find what Makes You Exude Positivity and Self-love

This is all about you and what fills you with self-love which in turns gives you more confidence in bed. Find things that make you feel good. Maybe try a new toy like a small remote control one like the Vedo Peach. with something like this, you can either play yourself or give the remote to you partner. You could also try something sensual (and maybe a little messy) like edible body paint.


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