Meet Bentlii, Bobbii, and Baelii

Meet Bentlii, Bobbii, and Baelii

The Bentlii, Bobbii, and Baelii by Sensuelle have adorned our store for a couple of months now, and every time a customer takes one home, I'm always confident they've picked a quality toy in both power and functionality. Today we'll be visiting each of these three super stars to talk about the differences between them. Each is unique in their own way and are ultra versatile; you'll never use any of these toys for just one thing!

All of these vibrators share the same standard: the are rechargeable, waterproof, submersible, and are made of medical grade silicone. Only use water based, coconut, or a toy-safe Hybrid lubricant with these toys. Each toy is individually backed by a one (1) year warranty with the manufacturer. These vibes are relatively reasonably priced, between $65 and $99, the Bentlii being the most expensive since it has two motors instead of one.

Let's go visit these three super stars individually.


The Bentlii is arguable the most unique of the set of three. While all three are powerful, the Bentlii has 2 motors included. One is located towards the center of the long end, and the other is dedicated towards the bulbous end, closer to the control panel. Whether you want internal or external play, or even just some teasing, the Bentii brings the goods! When you reach any of the patterns, the motors almost work out of sync; the Long motor is on the 1 and 3 beat, while the Stubby motor is on the 2 and 4 beat. This is really interesting if you've got this inserted, it adds a different depth to your vibration patterns, perhaps had you been annoyed or bored of patterns by now.


I like to call the Bobbii the silly child, since this cutie comes in "Millennial Pink" (it's baby pink with rose gold accents.... c'mon) as well as Magenta, and includes an overwhelming and unnecessary 69 vibration settings. I'm pretty sure she's just here for the laughs, but nonetheless, she's awesome and powerful and has a nice tip to the end of it for amazing pin-point stimulation where ever you need it. The motor on the Bobbii is close as heck to the tip, making holding this vibe a much easier task than other vibes. Not every lady is a 5-Minute session, okay? I can't be having to switch hands because my wrist is numb, and honestly, I thank the Bobbii for that every time. While the 69 functions are a lot, it actually makes the "straight speed" range longer, so I definitely have better range when it comes to Low, Medium and High speed.


The Baelii is a great tool for any G-Spot or Squirting Adventurers out there. The power behind the Baelii makes achieving a G-Spot orgasm much easier for beginners, since the vibration frequency is a higher pitch. This will allow the user to get a better feel for what sensations, motions and positions benefit their G-Spot the best! For those searching for Female Ejaculation, again the frequency and shape is ideal for those searching around for that perfect sweet spot. Alternatively, the Baelii's shape is incredible for couples play! Having a curved clitoral toy is one of the most underrated tips I give my customers. You want clitoral stimulation in those weird position, so give that to yourself! A curved vibe like the Baelii is going to solve all your lack-of vibration problems forever and ever, in every position. 


You're missing out. Well, only right now are you missing out. Once you decide which shape is best for you, you'll be saying the same thing to your grumpy, crabby friends who need some stress release. If you're still unsure, stop into Intimates Boutique to hold each of these beauties for yourself. Being able to feel and see the toy you're lusting after makes it much harder to resist. Trust me, I work here.


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