Female Ejaculation; Fact or Friction?

Female Ejaculation; Fact or Friction?

The questions are asked, the jokes are told, and all the porn is made, but will it ever answer life's greatest mystery; what is squirt? And how do I do it? Is it even a real thing?

I'm happy to tell you the answer is YES! Squirting is real, no it isn't pee, and there's a couple of ways to achieve it! This blog is not only going to debunk a couple squirting myths, but also guide you through the process of learning how to excite the feeling of female ejaculation! Are you ready to explore?

You Can't Myth This Part

Before we dive into the exciting part of achieving female ejaculation, I wanted to touch base on a few things. There is a ton of stigma and myth surrounding squirting in general, and porn hasn't helped relieve that at all. If you were to type "squirting" into any porn site search bar, you'd get search results from beginner & amateur squirting, to waterfall equivalent. While everyone's journey is different, between 35-50% of women have been able to ejaculate (results vary from questionnaire to questionnaire). While the fluid that comes out can contain trace amounts of pee (about 1-2% of the whole load), it's not pee! Even those scenes you may come across, you know, the one where she's squirting the equivalent of Niagara Falls, all of this is a fluid created by and stored in the Skene Glands, located behind the clitoris, about where the G-spot is. This fluid is chemically similar to seminal fluid, or the clear fluid surrounding sperm.

If you already feel comfortable with what sensations excite you, great! We'll have a great time keeping talking about this. If you aren't as familiar with your pleasure areas, start by experiencing yourself fully, either with or without toys, and learn how to give yourself an orgasm. Maybe try two orgasms in a row, play around with your likes and dislikes, as well as your orgasmic limitations. Playing by yourself first allows you to be fully prepared in directing someone if you require help when trying to induce the feeling of squirting. If you're not having someone aid you, it still gives you a good gauge as to where and when your G-Spot feels the most activated and stimulated. Your G-Spot isn't the only way to excite the feeling, but it is a great starting spot for any woman!

Trying it For Yourself

When trying to excite the feeling of squirting, there are a couple techniques you can use. No one method works for every person, and the same goes with toys! Don't worry if you read something that says something along the lines of "GET THIS TOY FOR SQUIRTING", "GUARANTEED SQUIRTING"; the fact is that if that toy doesn't move the way you need, no amount of vibration or movement is going to make you budge! You need to figure out what your body requires before listening to ANY toy ad claiming all the goods. They don't know your body like you do, so in this case, you have to be your own expert and advocate.


***Pictured above is the Ultra Rabbit by Femme Funn***


G-Spot rabbits like the Come Hither Rabbit by Rabbit Co., the Ina Wave by Lelo, and the Femme Funn Ultra Rabbit cater to that popular "come hither" motion that so many people associate with G-Spot stimulation. These three all move slowly when petting the G-Spot, but their vibration frequency is different. The Ina Wave and Ultra Rabbit are at a lower frequency, while the Rabbit Co. vibe is more buzzy. Alternatively, the Santa Monica Starlet by California Dreaming has a piston to flutter on the G-Spot, which is a really amazing sensation by itself! Uniquely, the Osci by Lovence has a similar piston-style motor but without the Rabbit Style if you needed something else going on externally.

While petting the G-Spot is great for familiarizing yourself with this full pressure feeling, it isn't the only way to excite this sensation. I, myself have achieved ejaculation by using a wand externally and leaving a dildo inside of myself. It's always been hard to play and stimulate while bouncing up and down on something, so I've been a fan of simply having the dildo for the feeling of fullness, and when I want to squeeze down. The feeling of fullness plus the strong external stimulation has been a great combination for me! Here are some non-vibrating dildos that could serve the same purpose.

Some dildos designed for G-Spot petting include the D1 by Avant, the Cici and Mimi by Blush, and the P3 by Avant. All of these have some bend or curve to them, which is great for G-Spot pressure without having to control where the toy sits/goes. Other materials than silicone (i.e. metal, glass and wood) can benefit the pressure you're trying to put on the toy as well. Materials like glass and metal are very popular for achieving G-Spot orgasms and female ejaculation. The Njoy Pure wand has been a fan favorite among those who squirt since the day it debuted, and while it's hard to keep in the store, we have the Njoy Fun Wand in stock! This cutie has some beads on one end for any anal play you might want to have, and also includes a nice bulbous head on the other end for G-Spot Ecstasy.

Manual methods of exciting female ejaculation include using the palm and fingers. While petting the G-Spot, allow the palm to rub against the clitoris as you finger in and out. This position, while easier with a partner, is achievable solo as well! This can be a perfect technique for someone who doesn't have access to toys, or for someone just recently discovering their pleasure spots.

The Art of Not Getting Discouraged

Do not worry if you can't get to the point of ejaculation. No one should be pressuring you, especially yourself. If you can have happy orgasms and feel satisfied, then you're perfectly happy, healthy and normal! There is nothing wrong with you if you can't seem to squirt. It's so much easier said than done when it comes to not getting mad/disappointed in yourself, but your body is an individual journey! If this is something you truly want to keep trying at, then keep trying! There's no harm in keeping this kind of stimulation up. Always remember to take it slow and enjoy yourself. Self pleasure isn't a race, not even with yourself. When you allow your body to do what it wants/reacts how it wants, you will be surprised with the results!

For more sexual resources, Venus O'hara on Youtube has an amazing selection of resource Vlogs to watch or listen to. Here's her video talking about G-Spot stimulation and Squirting!


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