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Becoming an Oral Expert

Becoming an Oral Expert

Melissa S |

Before we jump into everything you need to know to become an oral sex expert, let me start with this: Oral sex is not "One Size Fits All". What might be fireworks and sparks of pleasure for one person, can be overwhelming and too much for another. Its important not to be afraid to communicate with your partner about what they like and don't like and the same for yourself. Its not fun for anyone if your partner is working hard to please you and all you're thinking to yourself is "A little to the left".

Another key to mastering oral sex is to watch your partner's body language. If your partners hips are pushing towards you, you are most likely doing something right. Pay attention to any red flags that could mean slow down, like your partner stiffening up or pulling their hips away from you. If their body language is giving you signs that something is wrong, try a different approach like slowing down or even simply asking your partner if they want you to go slower or faster.

Smaller Penis

The reason why giving oral to a smaller penis could be a little easier for someone is because its easier to get the full length into your mouth and you most likely don't have to open your mouth as wide. A great tip is to use your hands from time to time. as much as deep throating is hot and easier to do with a smaller penis, its nice to switch it up from time to time and use your hand to perform.

Larger Penis

My number one rule for performing oral on a larger penis is to respect your limits! Injuries are not fun for anyone and you CAN get injured from going past your limits while giving oral... especially on larger penises.This includes injuries to your throat, jaw or lips. When performing oral on a larger penis, your hands will be your best friends... Because being realistic, sure deep throating sounds hot but more often than not, it is very uncomfortable. So do NOT try to take the entire length of your partners penis into your mouth and down your throat if you do not feel 100% comfortable about it! There is no shame in focusing on the head of the penis while your hands do the extra work down at the lower end of the penis. Strokers such as the Helping Hand or the Mood Pleasers will also come in handy as you can lube them up and use them to stroke on the lower half of the penis while you do your thing on the head! If you do feel brave enough to venture into the world of deep throating, a couple of important tips to remember are:

-Use some type of lubrication. Edible lube will work wonders in flavor and making it easier to slide the length of his penis as far as you can take it.

-One of the best positions for deep throating would be on your knees in front of your partner and looking up at them. This will straighten out the natural curve of your throat which will also make the process much more smooth and easier.

Uncircumcised Penis

Lets debunk a few myths about uncircumcised penises before we jump right into it. One myth that I have heard countless times about uncircumcised penises is that they are unhygienic. This is not true! If your partner takes care of his penis properly, there is no reason that he would be dirty down there just because hes uncircumcised. Another myth is that uncircumcised penis's look strange or scary. Genitalia is like humans. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and color. And we should not judge them for their appearance. The main difference between a circumcised penis and an uncircumcised penis is the layer of skin that covers all the way up over the head of the penis. This layer of skin is known as the foreskin.

An important tip to remember is to never forcibly yank down your partners foreskin. This can be very painful for them. What you want to do is to use a lot of lubrication when performing oral on an uncut person. The lubrication will help ease any friction when slowly moving the foreskin down in order to focus on the tip of the penis. Remember that most of the time if your partner is uncut, the head of the penis can be way more sensitive than any circumcised penises that you have handled before. So try to handle with care! But in the end the best way to please your partner and make sure they feel comfortable, is to ask them what feels good and what doesn't.


Lets start off by saying one of the most common mistakes that is made when performing oral sex on a woman, is immediately attacking the clitoris. Although I'm sure there's someone somewhere in the world that does in fact enjoy that... I can assure you that the majority of women do not enjoy that. In fact, rushing right into heavy stimulation of the clitoris can kill the mood and completely turn your partner off. A good way to build up the mood and leave your partner begging for more, is to show some love to the inner thighs. Try lightly kissing up the inner thigh and then switching over to the other one. This can be almost like you're teasing your partner which can be a huge turn on for a lot of women.

Another expert tip to keep in mind is that the clitoris is not the only part there that needs attention! You can even use your hands to stimulate her breasts if you're in the right position. Try exploring with your tongue a bit and pay close attention to your partner's body language. If she likes what you're doing, she might be pushing her hips forward towards you a little. If she doesn't quite like whats going on down there, she might be very tense or even pulling her hips away from you slightly. The best way to make sure your partner is completely satisfied is to occasionally ask them if something is okay. You can rephrase the question so its a bit more sexy if you feel like asking "Is that okay?" is a mood killer. Instead try asking "Do you like that?"


Strokers: Mood Pleasers, Helping Hand

The open ended strokers like the Mood Pleaser or the Helping Hand are perfect for added pleasure for your partner while performing oral. You can use these strokers to stroke along the shaft of the penis while you focus your mouth on the head of the penis. These different strokers each come with their very own unique texture inside which can create an extra sensational experience for your partner.

Edible Lube: Wicked Flavored Lubricant, Jo Flavored Lubricant

If the idea of tasting someone's genitals isn't exactly the most enticing idea in the world to you, try adding in some flavored lubricant! Although there's nothing wrong with natural taste, sometimes oral sex is way more fun when your partner tastes like green apple down there!

Internal Vibe: Sensuelle Bentlii

If you're still looking for other ways to spice up your oral session, try throwing a toy in the mix. Sensuelle Bentlii is an amazingly powerful internal toy that can be used to penetrate your partner, while your moth goes to town. You can read more about the Bentlii here.

Male Vibrator: Fun Factory Manta

If just a regular non vibrating stroker isn't going to cut it...upgrade to the Fun Factory Manta! This unique looking toy packs a punch in the vibration department. Once lube is applied, the Manta glides smoothly up and down your partners penis which it makes it easy to stroke your partner while your mouth focuses on the tip of the penis. To read more about the Manta, head on over here.