NEW!! Fun Factory Manta

NEW!! Fun Factory Manta

We have it! The new Fun Factory Manta is Fun Factory's newest men's toy! This toy is a vibrating solo or couples toy with an open end which allows the user to bring this to the bedroom in any situation! Use it as a stroker for him by himself, or add something new while preforming oral and add vibrating into the mix. Perhaps you'd like to use it while penetrating, you can place the Manta on and around the penis in practically every position!

Women aren't the only people who use and enjoy vibration, but men typically dislike high pitched, buzzy vibration. The Manta has a rumbly, luscious vibration frequency that is both female and male friendly. The unique shape allows so many different uses for this toy, and the silky, lightweight silicone can become practically friction-less with lubricant! If you've been looking for a new couples or solo toy to add to your collection, the Manta is one you'll never buy a repeat of. There's nothing quite like the Manta!



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