Keeping Things Spicy: Long Distance Style

Keeping Things Spicy: Long Distance Style

I'll be the first to say it, long distance relationships suck! But we must make the best out of the situations that life puts us in. Often in long distance relationships, one tends to get discouraged when it comes to being intimate with your partner. When your partner isn't physically in front of you, sharing intimate moments with him/her may seem impossible. But as I said before, we make the best out of the situations life puts us in. Therefore, this blog will give you tons of tips about keeping the magic alive, while introducing you to some of the best selling long distance couples toys!

Lush by Lovense

Don't be fooled by this little egg! This tiny toy packs a punch! The Lush by Lovense is a powerful Bluetooth remote control vibrator! The best part you ask? This toy can be controlled via app from anywhere in the world! Which means even if you partner is on the other side of the world, they can still make you wiggle and squirm with this unique G-Spot toy! The Lush's bulbous end is inserted vaginally where the rumbly vibration along with its perfectly shaped body will hit the G-spot in just the right way, while the antenna sits over the clitoris on the outside of the vagina with a button that allows you to easily turn the toy on or off. Even better, the Lush is whisper quiet which means no matter where you are using it, no one will even know!

Sync by We-Vibe

Another unique toy that is way more than meets the eye is the Sync by We-Vibe! When you first look at this interesting looking toy you might ask yourself, "How does that even work?" The Sync is quite unique as it is a dual stimulation toy! The smaller arm on the U-shaped toy goes internally and provides stimulation to the G-spot via powerful waves of vibration, while the thicker arm of the toy sits comfortably on the clitoris which allows for vibrating external stimulation! This control comes with a handheld remote that allows your partner to control what setting the Sync is on. But that's most definitely not all! The We-Vibe Sync can also be controlled from anywhere in the world via the mobile app on ones phone! And then when you and your partner finally get to spend a night together in person, the Sync can be worn during intercourse and be used as a couples toy. Its also completely waterproof, rechargeable, made out of 100% silicone and whisper quiet! Check, check, and..... check!

Hush by Lovense

Who doesn't love a little bit of booty play? However, anal play can be a struggle for long distance couples! Well, I'm here to tell you that the struggle is over! The Hush by Lovense is an App-Based vibrating butt plug! This silicone plug is another toy that can be controlled via phone no matter the distance. The Hush has a spiral along the neck of the plug that works to trap lube to make for an easier removal process. Plus it has a comfortable and safe flared base that keeps the plug from moving! Distance can no longer stand in between you and your partner having a fun time!

Max & Nora by Lovense

The Max & The Nora by Lovense are on a whole different level of long distance sex toys! The Max is a men's masturbator that has an air pump technology along with powerful vibration and a textured sleeve that simulates the feeling of having real sex. The air pump can be turned on a low, medium or high setting that will control the level of suction the toy gives off. This setting along with the vibration settings can be controlled through an app on your phone.

The Nora is a vibrating & rotating rabbit style toy that will truly blow your mind! Increase the intensity of vibration on the outer arm of the toy or play with the speed of rotation of the toy head, all from the press of a button on your phone! If this sounds cool to you but you're not yet totally impressed, just wait until you hear this! What exactly puts the Nora & The Max on a whole different level of long distance sex toys? The feature that allows these two toys to sync up together from anywhere on the globe! What does that mean exactly? It means that while you're in Florida using the Nora and your partner is in China using the Max, whatever one does to their toy, the other toy reacts to. Example: If you speed up the vibration of the Nora, The vibration speeds up on the Max as well. If he strokes faster with the Max, The Nora's rotating tip will rotate faster! This is a huge game changer for long distance couples! These two Lovense toys allow you to simulate real life sex with your partner and with that along, you can color me impressed!


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