The Womanizer; The Difference Between the Liberty, Classic and Premium

The Womanizer; The Difference Between the Liberty, Classic and Premium

The Womanizer has impressed us for more than 2 years now. Each Womanizer has a different shape of the handle, can come with different tips, and each have different settings and features. In this blog, we're going to discover what those differences are between specifically the models called Liberty, Classic and Premium. If you've been debating between these three for a while, we hope this blog will help you in your decision making process. However, if this is the first time you're hearing about the Womanizer or any suction based toys, allow this blog to excite and inspire you when purchasing your next adult toy!


The Womanizer Classic is a larger handled Womanizer. It is slimmer than the W500 but slightly longer, and charges magnetically, making it waterproof. Like other Womanizer models before it, the tip is removable for sanitizing and comes with a second silicone tip. While the Classic doesn't have a travel lock, turning on the device requires you to hold the (+) button for 3 seconds. The Classic has 8 different settings of intensity and does not include pulsating patterns.


The Womanizer Liberty is a uniquely small, compact Womanizer Device. Besides the cute size, the Liberty's biggest difference is it's magnetic cover. The cover lays on the face of the toy, covering the buttons and nozzle. This is ideal for traveling, as there is no way the toy can be turned on accidentally, and there's no way lint or dirt could get inside the nozzle while storing. It makes this version of the Womanizer the most sanitary, since the toy can be stored after sanitizing and does not necessarily have to be cleaned again before use. The Liberty has 6 setting of intensity, charges magnetically, and is waterproof. 


The Womanizer Premium is shaped identically to the Classic, except that the body and buttons are coated in silicone. The Premium also includes a secondary silicone tip, charges magnetically and is waterproof. My favorite part of the Premium is the Autopilot Feature! This feature is like a pulsation pattern you've never had before. Let the Premium take control as it tempts you with different levels at select times to give you a mind blowing orgasm! With the Premium on Autopilot, you have less work to do and more time to enjoy yourself. The Premium is waterproof, magnetically recharging, and has 12 settings of intensity.


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