Sensuelle Point vs. Femme Funn Booster Bullet vs. We Vibe Tango

Sensuelle Point vs. Femme Funn Booster Bullet vs. We Vibe Tango

"What's your best Bullet?"

"I used to have the Bullet, do you have that toy?"

"Just suggest me a good Bullet that everyone likes."

While personal suggestions make picking out a toy easier, every person has a different preference, and sometimes suggesting the "perfect bullet" needs a little digging. Today we'll be talking about three in particular that all share something in common, but are unique in their own ways. These three are the infamous Sensuelle Point, the new Femme Funn Booster Bullet, and the classic We Vibe Tango. While each are similar in looks and shape, they vary heavily in vibration frequency and individuality. Let's get to the break down and find out what really sets these three apart.

Getting to the Point, Sensuelle-y

Over the last couple of years, we've sold hundreds of Sensuelle Points to happy customers. This is absolutely one of our best sellers, and will probably stay that way for a while! The Point is a bullet shaped vibe, about 3 inches long, and has a rounded tip, making pin point stimulation ultra comfortable. This vibe has 20 different functions, and charges magnetically on a charging base, making this toy waterproof. Maybe we're bias, but here at the Boutique, we love a magnetically charging toy. It makes us feel more confident when washing the toy that we won't damage it, and allows for play time wherever there's water! This toy is very very powerful and has a high, buzzy frequency. It's closest to your classic bullet vibe feeling, but has some impressive power!

Boost Your Orgasm

The Booster Bullet by Femme Funn is brand new and super impressive. This bullet isn't called the Booster Bullet for fun, this bullet has a second button for when you're ready to send you're bullet up to 11/10! The Lightning button allows the Booster setting to turn on for 10 seconds. After it's finished, you can either hit it again or let the bullet go back the the function you had it on previously. The rounded tip makes this vibe ultra comfortable for almost every situation, and the silky soft silicone feels so good! This bullet has a little more depth than the Point, but is still super powerful like the point. If you're looking for a deep vibe, perhaps look further than the Booster Bullet, but if you need a wand-like powerful bullet, you've found your match!

A Tango for One

The We Vibe Tango is a lipstick shaped vibe with a rumbly, luxurious vibration frequency. This cutie is so deep and rumbly, it'll really take you by surprise when you place it in a sensitive spot. This is the ideal vibe for someone who find super powerful vibes too stimulating and overwhelming. This you is made of ABS plastic, so it's safe to use with any kind of lubricant! The Tango charges magnetically, making this the perfect bath time vibe, shower vibe, or hot tub vibe, and gives you the peace of mind to wash it without worrying about water damage. Ready for a change? I think you're ready to Tango!



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