Ultra vs. Booster - a Battle of the Bullets

Ultra vs. Booster - a Battle of the Bullets

Femme Fun recently improved their Ultra Bullet and then wowed us with a new bullet - the Booster Bullet! If you've been a fan of Femme Fun's toys like we are, you're probably familiar with their Booster toys. The Booster Rabbit was one of their first toys with this function - when you're ready, Boost your toy all the way up to 11 out of 10! The Booster Rabbit's rabbit and moving shaft would bump all the way up to it's top speed, and that exactly what the Booster Bullet does. So let's take a look a these two beauties. What's the difference? Is one better than the other? Do I even NEED a Booster function on my already amazing Bullet? Let's do a little research...


The Ultra Bullet

We've had the Ultra Bullet for a while now, and I have got to say I love the new structural improvement! In the new Ultra Bullet, the charging system has been changed from internal to magnetic, allowing the toy to be totally waterproof and preventing charging malfunctions that previously compromised the toy. The base of the toy, closest to the button, also feels much more solid in comparison to the previous version where it felt disconnected and "crunchy" over time. Since these improvements have been made, the Ultra Bullet is back to being the amazing best selling clitoral vibrator it's always been!

Over the past few years, we've sold hundreds of Ultra Bullets. It has proved to be one of the strongest clitoral toys on the market today, and besides the technical difficulties, has yet to disappoint us. This High Speed beauty has 20 different modes and is 100% Medical Grade Silicone. Besides the obvious, this vibe is ultra flexible, ultra powerful, and ultra reliable.

The Booster Bullet

Identical to the Ultra Bullet, the Booster Bullet is for those who need a little more bang for their buck. This vibrator comes with a protective charging case, which is amazing and ideal for travel, or when you need to charge it discretely. The new Booster Bullet also charges magnetically like the new Ultra Bullet, but the Booster has one more button than the Ultra. The Booster Button is the Lightning symbol you see at the end of the vibe, right next to the ON/OFF button, which is detailed with the F symbol. The Booster Button turns on the Booster speed for about 10 seconds and sets the toy to a high, straight speed pattern! After the 10 seconds, it goes right back to whichever setting was on before. Need more than 10 seconds? Just keep hitting the Booster Button when it turns off! There's no limit to how Boosted you can be!

So what's the deal? Do you even need the Booster Function? Personally, we love the idea! Sometimes you just need another good kick in power to get you there, and most bullets just don't have that kind of power. On Booster Mode, I'd argue this little bullet could compete with even a wand! So, Wand users, get ready! There might be a new contender in town.


We know for a fact that the Ultra Bullet and Booster Bullet are always going to compare each other to one another, but in the end, only you can decide which vibe is best for you! While each has their pros, there are so many toys out there and it can be hard to determine the difference. With either bullet, you're sure to get a fantastic toy with lots of power, dependable motor and battery, and amazing all around quality.


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