Same Sex have the Same Sex

Same Sex have the Same Sex

Ladies and gentlemen, gay or otherwise, there is a problem within the toy industry at the moment, and I will just come out straight and tell you what that is; There are not enough toys for same sex couples! Sure you have the We Vibe Sync and the RealDoe by Tantus, but what else is there for couples? For lesbians, gay men and pan/bisexual couples that way to switch their roles around? What else is there? I'm glad you're asking all of these questions, because I happen to have a few answers and ideas for you! Keep reading to learn all about new toys in the Boutique that could benefit same sex couples!

Shi/Shi and Eva

I'm sure you've heard about the Eva once or twice by now, and if you haven't, no worries! It's one of my favorite toys to talk about because it's so versatile when it comes to pressure! With the Eva, place it between the labia majora so it touches and lays against the clitoris, while the wings on the Eva hold it in place for a hands-free experience. The Shi/Shi is a newer toy to the Boutique, and you can read a well written review about it right here! These two I want to talk about together since they share a common thread; they use pressure and grinding to stimulate the clitoris!

The Shi/Shi is a large orb shaped toy with two halves that both rotate individually. Place the Shi/Shi between each other and have fun grinding away with intense vibration between you! The Eva, on the other hand, is where we get imaginative! We can use the Eva similarly and place it on one of the ladies involved, while the other grinds on the Eva and their partner to then include vibration! The bumping and grinding will move the Eva around, and since it's so small you can get much closer than if you were to use the Shi/Shi! Scissoring is one of the most erotic moves to whip out with your partner, so including a toy that allows you to get that close and add vibration?! Sign me up, fast!

Locks and Cages, oh my!

One of the more exciting products to come through our store have got to be our brand new Man Cage Chastity Cages! This can be a little on the kinky side for most gay couples, but who doesn't want to play with the thought of ,"You have that cage on because you're mine and only mine!" That's a pretty intriguing dynamic! These cages come in a variety of sizes, and can be adjusted to fit anyone's package. These particular Man Cage models are made of a high-grade polycarbonate, a very light, durable and hypoallergenic material. They also have plenty of breathing holes for comfort and prevent chaffing, and are compatible for long wear!

One of my favorite things to suggest to gay couples looking for something to add to their repertoire is flavored lubricant! Rimming is so much fun and can really make your partner go crazy if you're good at it, but adding flavored lube can get the person performing really into it if it's the right flavor! Picking something you feel like you could just eat (well, if it wasn't lube) is a great tip to prolonging any oral fun anywhere!

Strapping On and Getting Down

Now, what about the couples that are comfortable switching roles? How do we make/suggest toys for couples looking to give her the penetrating option while letting him enjoy being pleasured? Well one of my easiest solutions and first things to suggest is a strap on set up! Pegging is the act of penetrating your male partner with a strap on, and pegging is amazing for males who are fond of getting their prostate massaged. We have a few blogs about strap-ons that you can read right here, everything from buying the actual harness to suggestions to spice it up a bit!

When looking for a pegging-friendly attachment, we have a few amazing selections. My favorite because of aesthetic is the Avant P 1-3. The P3 is about 1 1/4 in in girth, which is very comfortable for pegging, not to mention the material is out of this world soft and pliable. The P1 and P2 are prostate or g-spot shaped and have as small as 1/2in. in girth, up to about 1 1/2 in. in girth around the base. The other suggestion we almost always show customers are the Tantus Silk series, which includes three different sizes of sleek, non-textured silicone. The Bend Over Beginners Set includes the smallest and medium sized dildos so you have a beginning size and one to work up to. The set also includes a neoprene harness that's fully adjustable as well, which can cut out a huge step if you just want something new to try without worrying about the best quality harness.


A fun activity that can add a new dynamic to the bedroom is fake fellatio, or better yet, dildo oral! This can be done in a few different ways, either with or without a harness on, and lots of accessories can make this more exciting and enticing. Using flavored lube or condoms can mask the silicone-y or lack of flavor of the dildo you're using. Cock rings can be added and positioned backwards so she can enjoy a little vibration while he goes down on her. Or, something really adventurous, there are dildos with a squirt system in the center that allow you to fill the tube with lube and then, when you're ready, shoot it all over your partner! She can enjoy being on the other side of the facial for a moment, and he can enjoy doing something he'd typically be looking at!


As little as there is for gay couples and pan/bisexual couples, there's always room for the imagination, and every single day new toys are being brainstormed, created and shipped out all over the world. I hope this blog gave you a few new ideas or inspired some new activities to try out in the future. There are always new things being created, so always keep looking for the next thing that seems exciting! You never know what's going to come out, and you never know what you might be interested in. Stay curious and the rest will follow!


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