The Shi/ Shi: Lesbian Lovers' Best Friend

The Shi/ Shi: Lesbian Lovers' Best Friend

Lesbian Lovers Rejoice! The Shi/ Shi is Here!


The sex toy world, as vast as it may be, seems very limited to the lesbian community. When most lesbian couples enter sex stores they often are faced with the choice of purchasing a strap-on set for penetrative sex or two seperate vibrators to use together while engaging in intercourse, but these plain jane toys just didn't seem to do it for my partner and I, which set me on the hunt to find a unique alternative for lesbian couples that wasn't a penetrative toy. Buying Fun sex toys for couples can be a pretty fun adventure. When I started the hunt for our new favorite toy, I had a very specific checklist of requirements for any perspective toy from my partner. It needed to have deep vibrations for me (a primarily wand style girl) and yet be soft enough for my girlfriend, who prefers subtle vibration or suction toys, It also had to be external only as my girlfriend, doesn't find the same pleasure in penetrative sex like I do. The Sex Gods seemed to answer our prayers when they created the Shi Shi vibe and we literally had a countdown til the day our Shi Shi arrived, the both of us dying with excitement and anticipation. Designed by fellow lesbian Gabrielle Annex, to help lesbians have amazing sex without having to follow the traditional penetration focused sex mentality, this toy seemed to meet all our requirements. I think all lesbians will agree with me when I say that scissoring with your partner is the most sexually arousing act we get to partake in, it also seems to be the most intimate act my partner and I indulge in, and this toy has just raised the bar for scissoring.

Two Orbs of Pure Ecstasy

The unique design of the Shi Shi is meant to allow lesbian lovers to indulge in the ever so satisfying practice of scissoring while also receiving mind blowing vibrations. It truly is the best vibrator for women to use together. Each side of the toy is controlled by its own controller, which meant not only would my partner and I be able to have different strengths of vibrations ( I liked the highest power, where as my partner was ever so satisfied by using the second lowest power) but it also rotates 360 degrees to ensure the orb is properly placed, allowing for both partners to experience mind-blowing orgasms. An add plus is that the Shi Shi is 100% waterproof for amazing playtime in and out of the water.


Putting the Shi Shi to the ultimate test

I was beyond anxious to test out this toy since the day I ordered it, and when it came I felt like a little girl opening presents on Christmas morning all over again. However when I opened the box I was a little disappointed in the product. The orb felt nice and smooth, being made out of a high quality silicone, however the larger size of the orb concerned me as my partner and I are both small, petite females. The main downfall of the product in my opinion was the remote controls for the vibrator, being attached to the orb by a fairly short cord, versus being wireless remotes. My partner on the other hand was immediately discouraged by the harder surface, the larger size of the toy as well as annoyed with the short cords. The toy quickly redeemed itself however. I will warn you though there was a slight learning curve the first time we used the toy because you have to take a minute to properly rotate each orb to ensure that its properly placed on you and your partner, but once we both got it positioned properly we both died and went to heaven. It seemed almost as if the toy locked once we got the positioning that fit us because no matter how much we fiddled and moved, the toy remained in the same positioning we set it to. This toy is an amazing, intimate option if you are looking for an external couples toy, as it required our bodies to be fairly close to each other, in order to keep the orb tightly positioned between us. One bonus that I didn't realize til mid-use was how it opened up our hands for nipple/ breast play and allowed us to be more hands on with each other, while still receiving that clitoral stimulation we both need in order to orgasm. Once we both picked what setting we wanted our vibrators on we decided to set the remote controls down on the bed next to us so we didn't have to worry about them preoccupying our hands, or accidentally switching settings. When we used it to enhance scissoring, I leaned up against the headboard/ wall and my partner propped herself up using pillows allowing us to look each other and get nice visual stimulation; being able to stare at each others' bodies, more specifically gaze into each others' eyes while climaxing added to the sensual vibe of the whole experience, which made the experience that much better. Creator Gabrielle Annex said one of her goals in creating the Shi Shi was being able to create a toy that would allow her and her partner to look at each other's faces  while having sex, hence recommending the positioning my partner and I tried, and let me tell you she achieved that goal in this design. The Shi Shi doesn't have to be reserved just for couples play, you can also use it as an amazingly powerful clitoral vibrator for solo play if your partner isn't around! I do however recommend covering the orbs in lube, preferably a hybrid lube like Spunk, to ease the friction when scissoring,or masturbating. Best part is you can Buy Sex Lubricant online in a discreet way!

This toy is revolutionary for Lesbian couples everywhere! After trying this toy the only negative thing my partner and I have to say was how annoying the cords that attached the remotes to the orb were, but here's to hoping they come out with a cordless version soon! At the end of the day my partner and I both have fallen in love with the Shi Shi Union Vibe and recommend it to all our lesbian friends. Without doubt, this toy was worth every penny and has become our go to toy. We can't imagine life without it!

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