Confidence Push Up Bra; A Guide to Lingerie

Confidence Push Up Bra; A Guide to Lingerie

Lingerie is probably the hardest thing to shop for besides toys, and toys are pretty hard to shop for! In this blog, I'm going to talk about Babydolls, Chemises, Teddies and Corsets alike, and really break down what styles do what for you. Hopefully this blog will assist you further when you go out and adventure into the lingerie world yourself!

One of my favorite things about lingerie is that you get to look hot in it! Lingerie is all about you, its there to make you feel sexy and confident. I love wearing lingerie just for myself, whether I'm walking around my house alone doing chores or lounging around eating snacks. I feel comfortable in my own skin when I wear lingerie, and it's taken a long time to find the right styles and cuts that made me feel amazing.


As my personal favorite style, I'd love to start with Teddies. A teddy is anything that's connected at the crotch, or as I used to call them, leotards and body suits. Some teddies are strapless, some have garter straps, and some have buttons on the bottom so they can become crotchless. All of them will usually have a covered body from breast to bottom, and some can have collars. I find this style fits curvy ladies a little better, since it hugs all the right places in one cute outfit.

The Mona Teddy by Fantasy Lingerie is one of my all time favorite looks to pull out. The lace is cute and see through, allowing some skin to flirtatiously peek through. This particular style come in wine, black and white, so no matter the occasion or situation, there's a color to match! This style does not include garter straps but can be strapless and crotchless. I love the cut of the bottom, it truly accentuates the hips and gives them a moment in the spotlight!



I love a long, silky chemise, especially if I'm a little more tired than frisky. Chemises are a style that is usually draped and long, and can hide any curves you don't want to accentuate. This style is most comfortable for lounge wear or a quick outfit change to liven up the mood without coming out in all lace. Chemises can be more fitted as well, and are great if you want a little bit of curve without feeling too out of your element. Typically chemises don't come with garter straps, but some styles can.

My newest favorite chemise is the Cowl Neck Chemise by Dreamgirl. It's so silky and soft, which is one of the first things I look for. Chemises are probably the only style besides two pieces where material truly matters to me. This thigh-length chemise is ideal for sitting around, cuddling, and watching something on the TV, among other things. When it comes to chemises, I look for items that look sexy enough to seduce someone, but also comfy enough to sleep in. Remember, lingerie isn't always about the person looking at you and what they think. It's about how hot you think you are!

Baby Dolls

I don't think there's a woman on earth that doesn't look good in a baby doll. Baby dolls are a pretty wide style, usually a loose fitted, smaller dress-like outfit. They can have fitted cups, lace cups, or sit above the breast. Baby dolls don't usually come with garter straps, but you can certainly pair some cute stockings. Some styles can be a little short, so adding some tights can add a super cute definition to your sexy outfit. Baby dolls are another cute style to lounge around in before or in bed with a light, flowing skirt that isn't too hot (or is it?). Lots of the baby dolls we carry are padded or have some kind of breast support. If a wire or padded bra isn't your look, steer more towards the chemise section. Lots of chemises can look like hybrids between the two styles, can offer less of a "bra" and more of a fitted place for the breasts to sit.

Everyone here at the Boutique has fallen in love with the new Blush Mesh Babydoll by ICollections. This silky baby doll has a see through skirt and a matching G-string for a cute, complete look. This is a great example of a fully padded baby doll, since it even has a little lift to the cups. If you were to match a stocking with this baby doll, a nude Cuban heel would compliment the blush tones and the lace so sweetly!

A drastically different baby doll to compare this one to would be the gorgeous Peek-A-Boo Babydoll by Dreamgirl. Totally different type of dress, but both still a traditional baby doll. The Peek A Boo is a pad-less, wireless bra with a cute key hole to show a little extra skin. The Blush babydoll is bra adjustable, meanwhile the Peek A Boo is a cute stretchy adjuster in the back. I prefer something more stretchy like the Peek A Boo, but the Blush's way of adjusting can be more preferable for those who feel their "breasts don't fit the outfit", and need to take it in a little.



Corsets and Bustiers

I specifically saved this style for last since they have the most diversity. Bustiers and corsets are often mistaken for each other, and one could be better fitting than the other for your body type. On top of style, though, bustiers and corsets are worn for different purposes. They are both closely fitted to the body and are usually boned. Both corsets and bustiers usually fasten at the front with hooks and eyes, and they lace up the back. Corsets are intended to give a smooth line from the cinched-in waist to the bust. There's usually no cups or padding for the breasts, and its all one piece from bottom to top. Anything in this realm that has cups built in is categorized as a bodice, which we'll discuss!

Bustiers are intended to emphasize all the good curves, and tend to push the breasts up and together. Often the bustier has cup-shapes built in to the top part of the garment, and a more curved and natural look, as compared to the smoothness of a corset. Corsets provide that waist cinch in the center, while bustiers don't provide that kind of support, but can pull in in a similar style. Bustiers will also almost always be the more cost effective style choice when it comes to corsets vs bustiers.

There are also bodice corsets, which can be easily spotted as your "typical corset." Most shoppers, when they're looking for "a corset," are looking for something that covers from back to bottom, front and back, all while pulling everything in. A bodice can be recognized easily by its common features; they usually end around the waist and will have straps and garters, either removable or stitched in. There are also cinchers, which are "half corset" sized garments meant to conceal the tummy and pull inwards. Cinchers are an awesome accessory to any outfit, sexy or casual.

As for corsets, they're intended to give that small, mid-waist cinch you would see on a burlesque dancer. Of course, that kind of teeny tiny waist comes with waist-training corsets, time and knowledge, and aren't usually the fashion/costume corsets you imagine. But that same flat front, pulled in look is what you're looking for when you have a corset in mind.



If you ever need assistance in sizing or finding the right fit for you, come into the Boutique and we all would love to help find your right size, and maybe even your perfect outfit. If we're not carrying a piece you've seen online in store, we can certainly help you find your dimensions so you can purchase the right size online. I always have to try clothing and lingerie on in person to make sure it fits, so finding your sizing can make you feel a lot more confident about purchasing that super cute outfit you saw online.

I can't ever say it enough, lingerie really is hard to shop for. The best tip I can give is to never give up trying to find the perfect outfit, and some days just aren't your day to find that perfect fit. Don't get discouraged and never give up! You deserve to look and feel sexy when you want to, and lingerie is here to do that for you. You just have to believe in yourself!


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