A First Time G-Spot Experience

A First Time G-Spot Experience

I'm super excited to share that I have finally discovered my g-spot! It's taken a while and a lot of practice, but it's all worth it! If you've never played with your G-spot or are unfamiliar to where its located, an easy way to find it is to finger around after an orgasm. Located in the vestibule, which is the first 1/3 of the vagina, the G-spot is on the "roof of the vagina", adjacent to the clitoris. 


I am someone who typically doesn't grab a dildo first, vibrating or not. This alone was a hurdle I had to hop over to be able to discover my G-spot, so it really took the right size toy to help me get more friendly and familiar. Even still, I need a clitoral toy to enjoy my G-spot, which isn't uncommon! A large percentage of women enjoy combining the two sensations to achieve and bigger, better orgasm. This can be from intercourse and a clitoral toy, a dildo and a clitoral toy, or a specially shaped G-spot toy and clitoral toy!

Specially shaped toys for G-spot stimulation are things like the Pillow Talk Sassy and the We-Vibe Rave. These two are very bulbous shaped toys with a distinct area for the G-spot. The Rave is a little more innovative in shape and design, and has a few more angles for more centralized sensation or a rounded surface area for wider sensation. Having a difference of sensation is crucial to figuring out where your G-spot is and how she works. That's why there are so many types of shapes and sizes for G-spot stimulation. The Baelii by Sensuelle is a great example of a small, pinpointed vibrating toy. The tip is very localized, so finding that perfect spot is easy!  

 What if this shape isn't for me?

I started out playing with my Sona to get myself warmed up. Since I can have a full orgasm with just my Sona, and know that, I started there! A huge pro-tip; have an orgasm before you try to find/play with your G-spot. The more "warmed up" and aroused you are, the easier it'll be to recognize where your G-spot is. After my first orgasm of the night, I happily grabbed my Pillow Talk Sassy, my Swiss Navy and went to town. At first, the tip was a little too wide for my liking, but thanks to being warmed up, I didn't have much trouble with the girth (another great reason to warm up and orgasm once or twice before G-spot play). The vibrations on the Sassy go from a low rumble to a high buzz, almost like a clitoral toy level of 'buzzy'. To change the modes, you have to hold the bottom button to increase the speeds, but there's no back button, which is kind of distracting. I found myself turning it off and back on again to go down in speed. This isn't to say the buttons (really, button, singular) are flawed in design. Lots of women needs constant speed and pressure to experience a G-spot orgasm, I just happen to not be one of them.

Now this isn't to generalize, because every toy and every body is different, but the Sassy is your "traditional" G-spot toy shape. Large head, skinny handle, multiple "speeds", but no pulsations, just a straight track of low and high intensity vibration. A similar and older toy, to give you an example of a"traditional" G-spot toy is the Slimline G-spot. Your basic, battery operated G-spot toy that's been around for as long as any of us can remember. A staple in some people's drawers, and for others, a trial-and-error toy. If you've found that this "traditional" shape and type of toy doesn't work for you, don't be discouraged! This is where things get fun!

Different Shapes and Sizes 

Lets talk about some specific products! These toys I'm about to talk about will include all different shapes and sizes, so you have a great visual of a few unique G-spot toys that might fit all your needs.


First off is the Osci by Lovense! This is a tech-toy that can connect to an app, so if you have a partner helping you explore your G-spot, you can hand the "remote" over to them so they can control your speeds, while you control where the oscillating pad goes. I wanted to start with the Osci because it is 100% different from any other G-spot toy on the market. There are toys that move the tip, but none that jump up and down and thump the G-spot! If you find yourself thumping or increasing and decreasing pressure often, the Osci might be your Mr. Right!

The Rave by We-Vibe we've touched on, so I won't bore you with the same details. The Rave was actually modeled after a non-vibrating G-spot toy called the Laid D.2. This is a toy we carry and love, and can absolutely understand why they modeled the Rave after it. Like we mentioned earlier, the Rave has flat sides and rounded sides for different kinds of stimulation, and can be connected to an app just like the Osci for customizable vibration options. With the Laid, our customers' only qualm was the fact that it didn't vibrate, and with the Rave, you now have every option for vibration!

The next toy I want to introduce is the Je Joue G-Spot Bullet. This is definitely on the smaller end of the G-spot toy spectrum, but has amazing vibration for such a little toy. It's a lot more rumbly and deep than you'd expect for anything called a "bullet." I could honestly compare the intensity of this toy to a mini wand, or a wand with less impact, and on the deeper spectrum of intensity. If you've always wanted wand-like intensity internally, then you might have found your perfect match right here!


The last toy I'll mention is also by Je Joue, this is the G-Kii. This is a really neat G-spot toy because it has a mobile angle. This means you can adjust the angle however you need, more acute for pressure, or more obtuse for some range. This vibrating beauty is a little more buzzy than the G-Spot Bullet, but isn't as buzzy as a bullet. It still has wand-quality rumble and plenty of fun pulsating patterns to choose from. This is a great toy for someone who knows they love their G-Spot, but they still have a lot of sensations to explore with the G-spot. Or, if you're someone who needs different sensations at different times, and one kind of regiment doesn't cut it and gets boring, the G-Kii will be a good addition to your toy drawer. 


I hope by the end of this blog, you've either found your G-spot soul mate or at least become more familiar with the different kinds of G-spot toys there are these days. It's been such a journey figuring out my G-spot and I hope this blog helped you either begin or extend your journey as well. Never give up and never discourage yourself from trying! There are so many different sensations and toys because every body is different, so never give up in your search for the next best thing!



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