Halfway Mark; The Best Sex Toys of 2018

Halfway Mark; The Best Sex Toys of 2018

If you've been loving our blogs lately, you might have read "Best Toys of 2017" written in January. Well, it's already June and we've found some new favorites that even outshine the old favorites. Some of these faces will be familiar, and some will look pretty new to you! All of these toys will either be brand new in 2018 or have impressed us enough to stay in our top favorites all the way through the year. So let's get to it!

In this "Best of 2018" blog, I want to focus on men's products as an extra reminder about Men's Health Awareness Month! All of the toys talked about will be toys men and women can use, either together or alone, but the primary focus is on toys that benefit men's heath in some shape or form.

Atom and Atom Plus

These two rings are really exceptional as a couples toy or a solo toy. The Atom and Atom Plus are two different cock rings that have similar functions, but one has an added bonus for Him. The Atom is a single motor cock ring with stretchy silicone and low, rumbly vibrations. The Atom is more about her here, but that isn't to say it can't be used for solo play. The silicone can stretch a little farther than your typical high-end cock ring silicone, so this ring could possibly grasp the testicles and shaft simultaneously so the perineum gets a little action while you take care of the rest.

The Atom Plus, however, is meant for just that. Atom Plus has two motors, one on top and one on bottom, so everyone can have a little stimulation at the same time. The ring is also larger so the testicles and shaft can fit really easily. The top and bottom motor are controlled together, but that's nothing to whine about. The vibration on the Atom Plus are definitely lower and even more rumbly and luscious than the Atom, so when that bottom motor presses against the perineum, you can expect a deep prostate massage without inserting anything! 


The Atom and Atom Plus are wonderful cock rings to try with your partner if you find he isn't into prostate massage from penetration, but enjoys some testicle/perineum stimulation. Lots of men look for alternatives to prostate stimulation, so we're proud to carry the Atom and Atom Plus just for that reason! Hot Octopuss themselves recommend using the Atom or Plus during solo play when paired with their very own Pulse, Solo or Duo. That kind of full vibration all from the base of the penis, all the way up the tip, can be a really unique sensation!

Judy or Julie?

Sometimes the difference between 2 toys is as simple as a remote control. Judy and Julie are two toys that are almost identical, except one has a remote for either controlling your partner, surprising them with control, or the simple ease of switching controls without having to reach back and press buttons. The Judy and Julia are both unisex-shaped butt plugs designed for vaginal or anal play. These plugs are some of the best anal sex toys on the market in our opinion. What makes them unisex is the compatibility of the shape. The shape caters to both the G-spot and the P-spot, so everyone can use Judy or Julia! Both are waterproof, so they can be used in the tub, the shower, hot tub, or the pool!

Having a small plug designed for prostate stimulation is great for introducing prostate and anal play to your partner, without coming home with a huge vibrating prostate massager. Prostate toys can look big and scary, and if your eyes are saying "no thanks," your body is going to feel the same way. This particular plug is an inch in diameter, which is about the size of any beginner plug. At the Boutique, when someone is looking for a beginning plug that vibrates, these two are always an option I point out. But, if he isn't into it as an anal toy, she can use it as a G-Spot toy with a remote control!

Tenga Flip Zero Series

Tenga always has something fun and new to try when it comes to their male masturbators online. For years they've made so many weird and different textures, and the Flip Zero series is a fun and appealing upgrade to their Flip Hole line. The original Flip Hole's thin hinge tended to be the first thing to break over time so they totally redesigned the hinge of the toy. This new design allowed the Flip Zero to create a better seal between the halves and better suction. The suction control buttons also tended to break over time, that was usually due to over doing the suction because the pressure was so low. Since the hinges got redesigned, the material will form around you for a custom fit and custom sensation. Not to mention, the already soft and buttery material of the Flip Hole was improved in the Flip Zero as well! If you were a fan of the Flip Hole or was debating getting yourself one, I would highly suggest picking up the upgraded version. And, for those who like vibration, the Flip Zero EV was rated higher than the Fleshlight Vibro on Men's Toy Hub for 2018! That's a strong comparison if I've ever read one!










According to a study, actually by Tenga, 42% of women own a sex toy, compared to only 20% of men! I'd call that surprising based off the facts that 95% of men have masturbated in their lifetime, masturbate more often than women (about 15 times in a one month period), but only 58% of this particular experiment say that their experience is improved with a masturbation sleeve. Some guys just like Ol' Fashioned Palma-la Hand-erson.


Mens' Health Month is super important and not enough attention is given to Mens' health on a daily basis like Womens' health. Too many men find they have some kind of prostate issue too late because of the stigma around prostate stimulation and Mens' health. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of noticeable symptoms for prostate cancer, but some can include pelvic pain, difficulty urinating, and sudden erectile dysfunction. But Mens' health doesn't start and stop at the prostate. Just like women, men should masturbate as frequently as desired to regulate their hormones and immune system. So the next time you're debating masturbating, but have something more important to do, remember that it's for your health! "For your health" is a good excuse for anything, ever.


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