Best Anal Toys for Beginners, Intermediate and Pro's

Best Anal Toys for Beginners, Intermediate and Pro's

In honor of Anal August and our "Safe Way to Booty Play" Class this Blog is all about ANAL!!!! Maybe you've always wanted to try to it, maybe your curious, maybe your partner has shown interest and your just like "hold up, that's not happening" but then you think "maybe I'll try it" or maybe you've always thought ABSOLUTELY NOT but this blog will make you reconsider. Either way keep on reading and prepare to possibly be swayed.

Anal is such a taboo topic yes? Well it shouldn't be, it's the way that a lot of people orgasm and there is no shame in that! Men, women and everyone in between can enjoy anal play so if your looking for a good place to start, look no further.

 The Lovense Hush

The Lovense Hush is perfect for those who have established a relationship with Anal Play already as its more for advanced users. It has really deep rumbly vibrations and a little nub at the end to stimulate the perineum. The Hush also works via App on your smartphone so you can keep the fun going from anywhere at anytime!

The Bioskin G-plug

The Bioskin G-plug by Fun Toys is a great Anal toy for beginners, the Bioskin material is out of this world comfortable and plush, it's also non porous meaning it does not absorb moisture and does not collect bacteria. It has great vibration but you can leave the vibration off if you want to work your way up to it and start off with just getting use to something in your tush!


Figo Vibrating Anal Beads


Beads are much different than a plug and a lot of people prefer them to a Booty Plug. Anal Beads can be inserted one at a time and removed one at a time to expand and contract the sphincter muscles over each bead. You can also pull them out slowly one at a time or fast and all at once depending on what the person feels comfortable with. The Figo, has deep rumbly vibrations and is made out of 100% medical grade silicone!


Chloe Plug with Pink Tail


If your feeling a little bit adventurous, or want to add some kink to your playtime, try something with a tail! The cool thing about the Chloe is that the plug is made out of stainless steal and has some weight to it which can add to the sensation. Stainless steal also allots for temperature play which can be A LOT of fun. Try putting in the freezer for a little bit to make it cold!


If your just starting out, Anal Training kits are also great beginner friendly products. Typically training kits come with small, medium and large sized Booty Plugs which is great if you want to train your booty to accommodate bigger sizes. 

Remember Anal Play does not always mean "penetration" and it is not strictly meant for women to enjoy. There are a lot of common misconceptions out there because of the porn industry but really all sorts of people can and do enjoy Booty Play!


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