Our Favorite Fun Factory Toys

Our Favorite Fun Factory Toys

It's no secret that Fun Factory is one of our absolute favorite Adult Toy brands. We carry over 15 vibrators alone made by Fun Factory. Aside from their bright and colorful hues, the actual quality and functionality of Fun Factory Toys is pretty hard to beat. They offer a very generous 2 year warranty on anything rechargeable, and most of their rechargeable vibes are submersible! Now as much as we love all of the Fun Factory Toys there are a few that stand out among the rest.


     The Stronic

There are a couple versions of the Stronic, the Original Stronic was the Stronic Eins, since the launch of the Eins there has been The Stronic Zwei as well as the Bi Stronic Fusion. What makes the Stronic Toys so unique is that they really aren't vibrators at all, they are Oscillators! Simply meaning they motion back and forth creating self penetration. You can insert the Stronic and it will go back and forth on its own, penetrating the Vagina or Anus. I mean, how cool is that?

Miss Bi

By far one of our most popular Rabbit style vibrators. What makes the Miss Bi so different from other Rabbit Style Vibrators is the shape and size. The Miss Bi is not your traditional long and girthy Rabbit. The internal part of the Miss Bi is shorter and more aimed to hit your G-Spot while hitting the clitoris all at the same time, which a lot of Rabbit style toys try to do but because of the design they do not anatomically work correctly. When you insert the Miss Bi and curve it upwards toward your G-spot, the clitoral part hugs the clitoris giving you constant vibration instead of constantly making contact and then breaking it. 

Big Boss

Everyone loves the Big Boss and its easy to see why. Some like penetrative toys to be a realistic size and then there are those who want something a bit larger. That being said, its not always easy to find a Vibrator that looks realistic, is bigger than average sized vibrators and is the quality standard that you want. The Big Boss on the other hand ticks all of these boxes. The Big Boss does come in a fluorescent Pink hue but also comes in realistic skin shades as well. A lot of vibrator brands are attempting to appeal to women and therefor tend to make vibrators in various Pinks and Purples, but what about the women who want something that looks like the real deal? The Big Boss is also a lot more girthy than your average vibe, it stands at 9 inches long and is just under 2 inches thick. No wonder they dubbed it the Big Boss.


Whats your Favorite Fun factory Toy?


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