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Finding the Perfect Clitoral Toy!

Finding the Perfect Clitoral Toy!

GiGi V |

Clitoral toys do so many wonderful, different things, and there is such a variety to choose from out there. But if I, the common Clitoral Stimulation Lover, want some variety in my stimulation soup, I might want to explore with a different kind of toy now and then. I primarily play with a Sona or Satisfyer Penguin, and I am a giant fan of suction toys, but they can get dull and lose their initial surprising kick. In this blog, were going to explore different types of clitoral toys and which ones you'd benefit from adding to your collection!

Fun Factory's Volta

We've never ceased to be amazed by Fun Factory, and the Volta is no exception. This new gem takes the flicking, light oral-like sensation to a new level. With 6 modes of intensity and 6 more pulsating patterns to play with, you'll have a large range of options to play with, no matter how sensitive you are. The material is so wonderfully flexible, soft and mobile, so when you turn her on, you can really see those two tips vibrating back and forth. The Volta has pretty unique movement when it comes to a higher quality toy. Your 'flicking' motion is something you'd see in cheaper, battery operated vibes, and not to take credit from the cheaper, simple vibe either! These cheaper vibes certainly posed as inspiration, otherwise the Volta would have never been born! This soft flicking action is ideal for those a little more sensitive than most and require a soft, light touch. The Volta is a wonderful toy for those in need of a lighter clitoral toy, and who want to invest in a toy that will take care of them, without fail, for a long time.

We-Vibe's Gala

We Vibe has a special place in my heart and in my top toy drawer, and their Gala is a wonderfully deep vibe for those looking to not overwhelm their clitoris, but still require a full rumble. The Gala is a basic rabbit vibrator, which means its equipped with two individuals ears that are meant to stimulate the clitoris. The fact that it's a We Vibe is already exciting, since that suggests the Gala is a app-operated toy, and you'd be right! The Gala is a dual-motor clitoral toy, which means the app allows you to individually control each ear! This means you could have one ear on a lower frequency, and the other on a higher frequency, which is such a unique sensation to your clitoris! It's expecting only one frequency initially, so giving it two to dance to can really get you going!


Lelo's Sona and Sona Cruise

If you're a fan of our blogs, you've probably heard about the Sona. Even if you aren't, I'm sure somewhere along your journey learning about toys, Lelo has been a brand you recognize or at least have seen once before. The Sona and Sona Cruise are Lelo's newest baby, and when it comes to Lelo, quality is something they do not joke around with. The Sona and Sona Cruise are splash proof suction toys with an extra kick. In comparison to the Satisfyer, the Sona has an extra pad in between the motor and the user. This pad bounces back and forth to tap against the clitoris, this then sends sonic waves down the whole clitoris, which activates the entire vagina and not just the top of the clitoris! Total clitoral stimulation is ideal for orgasm, it's why proper cunnilingus feels so wonderful!

The Sona Cruise does exactly this with an added bonus. The Cruise is a little less intense initially, so that you're more inclined to push down harder. The Cruise Control setting means the toy saves 20% of its battery for when you really do push down and stop that pad on the inside from moving. Unlike other toys, the Cruise Control will push forward and overcome the pressure, stimulating where most toys would just give up and quit. The Cruise would benefit those users who adore power but want some pressure too. Suction powered toys are intense already, but if you're looking for more intensity, the Sona is your knight in Silicone Armor.

To be brutally honest, the different between the Sona and the Cruise is - the User! Neither is better than the other, they are each for the right person. The Sona Original would be for those needing the most intense suction toy on the market. Meanwhile, the Cruise is certainly for someone who enjoys pressure, possibly someone switching from a Wand and still need that intense push down. At the end of the day, every woman should own a Sona, but it's up to you to decide which one is a perfect match!


Meeting the Right Toy

Just like any new relationship, it takes time to get used to your new toy. Everybody's body is different and needs different things, and everybody's body need to warm up as well. New toys can be discouraging or disappointing the first time using them, so no matter who you pick up, be sure not to get too frustrated the first time. Especially if you've spent time researching your toy and deciding between this and that one, it can be super upsetting when your first time isn't everything you've ever wanted and more. Even as a total Suction Toy Lover, my first few times with my Sona were a little overwhelming as I adjusted to the intensity. But as I got used to the intensity, how it used, introduced myself to the patterns, and found my sweet spot, I fell farther and farther in love with it! Now, I'm trying to convince myself I need 2 for every and any occasion. Have faith in your toy, and don't give up! Your perfect match is somewhere right there in our store, and hopefully this blog helped you decide which one is Mr. Right!