Svakom Cookie vs Candy

Svakom Cookie vs Candy

Two totally different toys with two totally different reviews! At this point with all the different types of adult toys out there its really far and few between that you get blown away anymore (no pun intended). At first I was totally swooning over the Candy but I ended up jumping on board with the Cookie in the end. Before I tell you all of the ways in which these two toys are different let me mention the few similarities. The Cookie and Candy are the same size and fit perfectly in your hand for convenience during solo play or with a partner! Both vibes are made of high quality Silicone, each have three vibration intensities, rechargeable and one hour of charge time gives you one hour of play time they are both also completely Waterproof and any similarities between the two ends there.

The Candy was the vibrator I was most excited about at first. The mouth design intrigued me and I thought it would feel very close to oral sex but boy was I wrong. As a disclaimer though. everyone and I mean everyone is different when it comes to what works for you sexually and what doesn't so what works for me does not necessarily mean it will work for you. That being said, lets jump into why I DID NOT like the Candy. The Candy has a sort of mouth that opens and closes gently on the Clitoris, for comparisons sake it sort of reminds me of Pacman, which in theory sounds like it would be great but there is really nothing else behind it like vibration to give it that impact or ooomph. It would be as if someone wrapped their gums around your clitoral area and opened and closed and that's it. For me, even after cranking it up full speed i just felt nothing, not even slightly aroused which left me super disappointed but, Hey what doesn't or does work on the Clitoris will likely work on the Nipples right? Wrong! I thought I would switch gears and try the Candy out as a Nipple play toy but again, just disappointment. I also was not a fan of the very obvious mechanical sound it made, the Cookie did not do this so just another case in point as to why the Candy was not my favorite. 

The Cookie, for me was the star of show. The Cookie has three little arms that rotate in a circular motion to stimulate the clitoris. The arms are the width of a pinky and are soft and pliable so although the imagery of three little tentacles rotating on the clitoris sounds aggressive, its really not. There is also some subtle vibration in the Cookie driving the circular movements even further. I am happy to report that The Cookie also works as a nice nipple play toy as well. If your using The Cookie without Lubricant, think twice. Since The Cookie does more than just vibrate if you experience any dryness, the rotation can become uncomfortable.

My review of the Candy and Cookie are obviously based solely on my experience and what did and did not work for me. There are those out there that feel completely different than I do and absolutely love the Candy. Just goes to show that no two vaginas are equal! Whats your opinion of the Cookie and Candy?



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