Treat Yourself: A Valentine's Day Guide for Yourself and your Partner

Treat Yourself: A Valentine's Day Guide for Yourself and your Partner

At Intimates we think Valentines Day should be a fun day whether your in a relationship or flying solo. We have great ideas for those who are single and couples. Some of the best ways to make Valentines memorable is to add toys to the romantic stuff too. Since there are great couples toys like Eva 2 and the We Vibe Sync or We Vibe Unite we can start there. The We Vibe has an app and remote so the toy can be used as a foreplay toy through dinner and even dancing the evening away. Imagine holding her in your arms as the remote control toy leaves her weak in the knees. Kissing her through the orgasm while no one else around knows what is happening. Another great couples fun is letting her have control. Let her tie you up and use sensory play like feathers, floggers or flavored Lubes to heighten your sexual senses. Focus on everything but the penis to really get him going and then when he isn't expecting it add oral play with the blindfold. It will help fill his mind with all kind of playful fantasies. We always suggest coming to the store for a one on one consultation with one of our product experts for more ideas of romantic toy play.


Valentines Day should never be about just yourself and your partner, and it's an especially discouraging day if you're without one, because the rest of the world seems to think you need a partner to have an awesome V-Day. I am here to say that's garbage! Valentine's Day is supposed to be about love, and you can sure pamper yourself, maybe even better than you can treat and pamper another person! Self love and care is extremely important, and V-Day is a great excuse to take a whole day to worry about who's really important - you!

Dinner For One? You Mean, "Buffet."

No one knows you and your needs better than yourself, so who better to spoil on Valentines Day than yourself! One of the best things about being able to treat yourself in such an intimate way is that whether you take the day off for yourself or only have the evening, you still have a lot of options and time to do whatever relaxes and rejuvenates you. Some great ideas for day activities are things like going to a beach near you, even if that means a short car trip. Taking yourself shopping is another awesome way to treat yourself. Something I am extremely passionate about is the fact that lingerie is made to be worn by you, to make you feel sexy, to you. Lingerie is not about wearing a pink frilly thing so he/she/they can compliment you, lingerie is there to empower you! Make you feel extra sexy and powerful! Like you could take over the world in that luxurious, satin babydoll, no questions asked! Take yourself shopping for some comfy and sexy lingerie you feel amazing in, or even just things you've been eye balling for a long time, it doesn't even have to be just intimate wear!

Another awesome activity is just basic self care activities, things like taking a bath with salts, oils or a bath bomb, reading a book you've been saying you're definitely going to get to, even just going out to eat somewhere you wouldn't normally go because it's too expensive even for one person, not to mention taking another person with you! Self care doesn't have to be expensive or painful. It should be simple, like clockwork. Your day of self love should flow, with nothing but peaceful, relaxing activities all day! That sounds like a highly successful Valentine's Day to me!

The Best Kind of Sex ; Masturbation

Of course, on this super fun and special day, the stigma is that after delicious dinner, you two go home and have lustrous sex, with wild activities and new toys galore! But truly, the best kind of sex is the sex you do by yourself anyways. Who needs someone else getting in the way? Not me! That's why we picked out a few fantastic toys to treat yourself to this Valentine's Day!

Eva - The Eva is a women-worn couples toy designed for her and only her! This toy is ideal for masturbation because it can be worn without holding in place, so your hands are free to roam about and play with more than one toy! This idea can also be executed around the house as well. Since it's worn without any extra help, you can pleasure yourself while reading or taking a bath (with the Eva II ). This hands-free beaut works pretty simply, the Eva has little arms that hug in and around the lips of the vulva to snug itself in place. Then, you simply turn on Eva with it's only button on the face. Eva has 3 settings to play with too, so even if you wanted a subtle vibration to go with your movie and popcorn, Eva has you covered. The sky's the limit when it comes to a sex toy you don't have to pay attention to!

Avant Dildo Line - As someone who doesn't need internal stimulation to be wowed, I have been wowed by these beautiful, hand crafted silicone dildos. D1 though D6 are all beautiful, vibrant, soft dildos artfully crafted for not only the body, but the soul. The line has 2 different shapes and every dildo is a different color combination, and truly I'd be leaving out the best part if I didn't talk about how amazing the suction power of the base has! No matter your tempo, this bad boy isn't moving! Not to mention, the soft, flexible texture make this an amazing dildo for those who enjoy texture internally and find pleasure in squeezing around insertables, as well as allows for easy pressure to be applied for G-spot stimulation as well! No matter your needs, one of these hand crafted beauties will be sure to please you over and over again!









Sona - The Sona has blown away those already blown away by the Satisfyer and Womanizer, and as you can imagine, it's kind of hard to blow the socks off someone not wearing socks. Lelo took suction toys to a whole new level by introducing the Sona. This high tech super hero is fantastic for those who enjoy oral stimulation, as that's exactly what this toy was intended to simulate. The suction power, added with another small pad on the inside of the nozzle, provides the sensation of suction as well as some pressure, thanks to the lil' pad. This, plus the new feature of pulsation patterns makes this toy a whole new realm of awesome. With the Satisfyer and Womanizer, I definitely could have used some patterns to give me a break in between and let me catch my breath, but truly with the Sona you need them. For the first few times using this toy, it's really intense and surprising, but once you get accustomed to the way it works, it's the best toy in your drawer.

Liberator's Bon Bon Toy Mount - As one of the more revolutionary sex toy companies to come around, I was elated to discover the Bon Bon. Liberator as bridges gabs for couples and singles alike for as long as they've been in business, and the Bon Bon is no exception to their outstanding line of position aids and accessories. The Bon Bon is amazing because it has a secret pocket for any toy or dildo, vibrating or not, base or no base! No longer will you have to settle with laying down for penetration, alas, there is a solution! Now you'll get to enjoy penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time without another partner's help, the wall's help, or having to settle for one toy. the Bon Bon, along with Liberator's other aids, are made out of high-density foam, so it doesn't just collapse under your weight like any other old pillow would. Ultimately, with the Bon Bon, any and every toy you own just got that much better.









Feel The Self Love!

Honestly, self love is one of the most important parts of mental and physical health, and so are orgasms. Orgasms alleviate stress and pain, as well as promote physical health by sending out great signals to your body to push out awesome chemicals your body needs to function. In a study, it was found that 39% of women say they masturbate just to alleviate stress, and 32% of women masturbate to get to sleep if they find themselves restless. This is because orgasms release oxytocin, endorphins and cortisol, among a ton of other chemicals. Oxytocin increases your mood and has said to increase your passion, intuition and social skills (so if you're nervous about going somewhere, just masturbate first!). Orgasms also help your general health as well. Orgasms are great for blood flow especially, as well as improving your lymphatic system, which helps overall functions like detoxification, digestion, mood and helps prevent cancer! Masturbating also increases fertility by energizing the hypothalamus gland, and if you have no idea what part of your body that is, it's the part that regulates things like appetite, body temperature, emotions, and regulates the pituitary gland. By energizing and enabling the pituitary gland to get get motivated, that glad will then regulate the release of reproductive hormones! So basically, by orgasming, you're activating all the really important parts of your body that are essential to sexual health and a happy mindset.

No matter what you decide to do for Valentine's Day, it's really important to focus on yourself and keep up with self care, that goes for every day of the year. Don't let social stigma ruin a wonderfully romantic day with yourself. No one in the world is more important than yourself, so it's crucial to take extra good care of your body all year round. Never feel bad pampering yourself with gifts and food and clothing, everyone needs to be spoiled! It's important to reward yourself! Let this year be the start of awesome self love and healthy orgasms! Trust me, you'll thank yourself later.


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