The Best Toys of 2017

The Best Toys of 2017

New Year, new me, or at least that's the mantra we tell ourselves at the start of a new year! But truly, this year, we're going to start making changes! We're going to start using the best toys, and ditch those has-beens and wanna-bes of the previous year. We're going to have longer, stronger, and more awesome orgasms this year, and this blog is going to help guide you through starting the year off with the best sex toys of 2017, and carry their awesomeness into a new year!

 #5 - This Year's Wands

When the Magic Wand came out with it's rechargeable version in 2015, the rest of the wands got their game faces on. No longer should we suffer with tangling ourselves in chords during masturbation, no longer should we suffer getting trapped in wires during intercourse! 2018 is the year of the Rechargeable Wand! Today we're tossing around the Magic Wand, the Noje Mini Wand, and the Le Wand.

The (rechargeable) Magic Wand - The same wand we know and love with a mega upgrade we all knew we needed; BEING RECHARGEABLE!!! This state of the art toy has a better interface than it's older model, added pulsation patterns, and has a better range of intensity that it's predecessor. Needless to say, the Magic Wand stepped up it's own game by adding better features for an already awesome and well designed upgrade. The rechargeable wand idea opened the door to other toy companies that were interested in bringing out their own version of the wand. The Wand stepped out of the Stone Age and entered the 21st century. Those tangled became untangled, world wars were won, peace blanketed the earth (not really, but you get what I'm saying). This upgrade not only wowed us - but also made us love the Hitachi again.

Noje's Mini Wand - Never again will you think you need a giant, 2 foot long wand to satisfy you like the Magic Wand. Look no further than the Noje Mini Wand, a small yet impressive mini wand that packs a mega punch! This little fighter comes with 10 modes - 4 straight speeds and then 6 more pulsating patterns to dance to. With 3 different handles to choose from as well, you'll never be stuck thinking you only have one option for a wand - one straight, long handle. There's a traditional shape, a flatter and wider shape for those while mobility or dexterity issues, and an angled shape that makes massages an easy reach for anyone. When we first pulled it out of the box, we were blown away with how powerful this little guy is compared to a big boy wand. It couldn't replace a Hitachi Magic Wand, but it is certainly a fantastic switch up from the heavy, bulky feel of a full sized wand.

Le Wand - A fun thing we like to do here at the Boutique (or really, it might be just me) is grab the end of the wand at full blast to see how powerful it is. Or really, grab any vibrating toy and hold the tip of it on full blast. The idea behind this (I guess we're just talking about personally now) is to see how long you can actually hold the toy. Full pressure, no stopping, tight grip. I've never seen such an intimidating wand before. I've also never had a wand numb my hand before, but MAN, that Le Wand put my hand to sleep like a new born baby! It took under a minute for my hand to start snoring and fall asleep. If that doesn't gauge power by description, then you just need to come in and turn on Le Wand for yourself. With 10 straight modes followed by 20 - oh yeah, I said 20 - pulsating patterns to play around with, you are guaranteed to never get bored with the limitations (because there are none).

#4 - Crave's Vesper

I don't know about you, but my vibrator is my best friend and if it was socially acceptable to bring it everywhere with me, I would do it. Luckily, Crave came out with the Vesper, a super sleek, whisper quiet necklace vibrator that is no joke. This sleek cylindrical toy is the perfect simple piece to wear everywhere. No one knows what it is until you turn it on for them and wow everyone with it's serious vibrations. Tired of this dinner party? Is this meeting super boring or what? I say we take a "bathroom break" and unwind from whatevers going on at the moment and let the Vesper improve today. If there's one toy that's a real need in 2018, its this one. On the go orgasms where ever you can think to have one, where ever and when ever you need one! Not to mention, I couldn't think of a sleeker or more incognito place to wear a vibrator than your neck! Everyone will ask where you got it, and you can tell them, "I picked mine up at Intimates Boutique!"


#3 - Eva and Eva II

You can't spell revolutionary without EVA! Dame launched their Eva, and every woman with a vulva got excited to try something new and designed just for them! Eva and Eva II are a women's couples toy designed by women. Eva is meant to sit on the inside of the labia and cradle itself against the clitoris to help her out, without having to use a vibrating cock ring or a pesky couples toy meant to sit internally. Eva is all about her, as it should be, and offers 3 different modes of intensity. The Eva II came out just a few months ago, and came with some much needed improvements that make the Eva that much cooler! The Eva II is almost identical, except Eva II comes with a charging base/travel pod to sit in and is a bit smaller than the original Eva. No more silk bags, hurray! Now the Eva has a beautiful, futuristic looking pod to travel around in! This charging pod then makes Eva totally waterproof, unlike its younger sister (who was only splash proof), so you can bring her anywhere there's water to improve your splashdown. This is the kind of toy you need if you've played with all kinds of couples toys, and all of them are just obnoxious to try to use, verses what they're actually used for. Toys should be fun and easy, and Eva is just that!

#2 - The Zumio

For a toy that looks more like a toothbrush than a sex toy, we were pleasantly surprised by the Zumio. At first glance, all you see is this lanky toothbrush looking thing with what looks like an antenna on the top. But when you get this toy in bed, it's a whole other level of awesome. This toy, I've found, is more effective as a couples toy, more so something for him to play with her with. The pinpointed vibration and movement on this toy is awesome to trace in and out of her nooks and crannys and really find all the special sweet spots with. With 8 different levels of intensity, even the more sensitive woman would love the pinpointed vibration. This is amazing toy for those who need a quick orgasm. It's been found that 89% of women who tried the Zumio had an orgasm in under 5 minutes, and 69% of those women achieved multiple orgasms after the first! That's pretty impressive, and not to mention that 62% of the same women said the Zumio was more satisfying than any other toy they've tried. If you think you have everything, and you don't have the Zumio, that's definitely what you're missing in your collection.

#1 - Sona vs. Satisfyer

We've made it to numero uno, and since this year was such a great year for suction toys, you know I couldn't just mention one suction toy. That would be insane. That's why both the Sona and the Satisfyer are our number one toy of 2017! The PenguinPro was the Satisfyers newest model, and it's adorable shape, traditional penguin colors, and bow tie wooed everyone. Not to mention it's volume definitely decreased from its past shapes, the Pro 2 and the Original Penguin. It doesn't sound like an angry army of cicadas anymore, it's now a soft, adorable, rumble that resembles a penguin, which is obviously way better than we've had it in the past. And, arguably my favorite part, is the fact that the interface is inverted from the Original Penguin. Typically, the top button turns on the toy as well as turns up the intensity, but on the Penguin Pro, the bottom button both turns on the penguin and increases it's intensity, while the skinnier button decreases. This may sound confusing, but when you use the penguin, he's upside down, so it makes sense to have the buttons in a user friendly order for when you're playing around!

Now the Sona is a different monster. Monster makes it sound like a bad thing, but I have nothing but amazing things to say about the Sona. It's super strong and intense, it adds an extra oomf that I expected from the Satisfyer and didn't receive. With 4 different modes of intensity and 8 different pulsation patters, the Sona is definitely the more intense end of the spectrum coming from suction toys. While I categorize the Womanizer as the least threatening, it's still a 150$+ toy in some cases, while the Satisfyer is less expensive, but more intense than the Womanizer. The Satisfyer is a better choice for your cheaper, less intense suction toys. Whether you have a Penguin or Pro 2, they're both awesome and offer the same variety of intensity. But what happens when you get tired of your Penguin? What happens when he doesn't pack as big of a punch as you expected? Well, you get yourself a Sona is what you do. The Sona acts almost exactly like the Satisfyer, using air and suction to stimulate the clitoris, but the Sona has an added pad between you and the suction power. This pad then thumps against the clitoris, which sends what they describe as sonic waves through out the whole clitoris, not just the tippy top. The Sona Cruise is it's twin with an added bonus. The Cruise is a little less intense because it saves some of it's battery life for when you press against the pad and stop it, so instead of the motor halting, it's pushing forward! As this is my absolute number one favorite toy of all time forever, I can tell you it does just that. I've never had my Satisfyer grab and pleasure me as well as the Sona does, and when I play with the pulsating patterns when it gets too intense, it doesn't take away from the experience as it would if you had to stop to catch your breath. Pulsating patterns in any other toy are annoying and, personally, unnecessary. But with the Sona, I couldn't imagine using this toy without them!


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