High-End Toys, Are They Worth It?

High-End Toys, Are They Worth It?

Rechargeable vs. battery operated, submersible vs. waterproof, luxury vs. middle-of-the-road. Do you compromise price or quality? I know how overwhelming it can be to walk into an adult store just looking for something to spice up your love life and find yourself completely overwhelmed by all of the choices in front of you. Just like the world of medicine, the world of sex has come a long way.

One of the first things you will notice when shopping for adult toys is the price difference between one toy to the next. I get asked a lot what the difference is between two different toys that look very similar but, are priced very differently. Usually my answer to that is, "quality".

One of the most common differences between high-end and the more middle-of-the-road toys is the quality. Most high-end toys are rechargeable instead of battery operated which has a lot of advantages. For example, rechargeable toys are a lot more convenient for those who use their toy more often because you don't have to replace pesky batteries every time they run out.

The second biggest difference would be the materials used. In the US, sex toy companies are not regulated; there's no FDA sex toy division making sure the materials used are body safe. Manufacturers can, and some do, use ingredients to make toys that are prohibited in children's and dog's toys! With that said, high-end toys are almost always made from body safe silicone or other body safe materials.

Another large difference is, is the toys compatibility with water? Can it be used in the shower, bath, or hot tub? Many manufacturers will say their toys are waterproof or splash-proof, but what does that really mean? Splash-proof is the manufacturers way of saying, "You can get this wet to clean it, but nothing more." This is most common for low end toys. When a toy is waterproof, this usually means you can use it in places with water. With battery operated toys, I would still be careful about submersing it completely in water. Since being waterproof is a luxury, you can see this more in high-end toys.

So, if you are conscientious about what enters your body or "stroke your kitty" often  you may want to consider the various options available to you before making your decision. For some people battery operated toys work just fine, but for others Rechargeable toys suit them and their life styles more easily. Some our personal favorites and customer favorites include but are not limited to.

Still feeling undecided? I would highly recommend getting acquainted with the various options in person. Purchasing toys right away online is not always the best idea especially if you cant tell one material from the next. Go get personal with some Sex toys to figure out what material, vibration, size, and motor suites you and your needs best!

So, whats it going to be? What do you think? are High end toys worth it?



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