Crave Duet

Crave Duet

I honestly cannot say enough good things about the Crave Duet. When this brand was first presented to us I instantly checked things off in my little mental checklist. Firstly, Crave was designed by a woman! I don't know if that gives as much excitement to others as it did to me, but with that I was pretty much sold on the company. Crave was also made right here in the United States. The duet is also virtually silent, rechargeable, discreet and completely submersible. For any woman who is on the go, travels a lot or is looking for a vibrator that doesn't exactly look like a vibrator, then the Duet is it. 

The discretion of these toys make them the perfect traveling companion. Easy to conceal in your check on or carry on, remove the top from the bottom and avoid the risk of it buzzing while going through the terminal. I chose the Duet based off of its unique design (it almost looks like a tuning fork) and it's jaw dropping vibration. The Duet has two little ears that are sturdy but have some give which makes it great for surrounding the clitoral area. If you prefer more targeted clitoral stimulation you can also use the tip of the ears for direct sensation. The Duet is also one of the most intuitive Adult Toys I have ever come across, it basically tells you when it needs to be charged when you initially turn it on. When you press  the middle button the Duet will vibrate a series of times, either once to indicate its about to power off, Twice for half way charged and Four times for a fully charged battery. Who hates it when you power on your toy and two minutes into your blissful moment the toy dies, which ruins the moment and makes you want to chuck your toy against a wall. I personally believe every single woman needs this in there little arsenal of pleasure products, but don't just take my word for it, come in and experience the Crave Duet for yourself! 


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