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Why use Glass Toys?

Why use Glass Toys?

Sonia Williams |

Glass - Good Clean Fun

It is often asked why on earth people would want to use a glass toy. Questions like "wouldn't that hurt" "what if it breaks inside of me" are commonly asked. Well I am here as your Adult Toy sponsor to put these myths to bed. If you have ever been curious by the beautiful allure of Glass Dildos well your not alone. Glass toys come in so many beautiful shapes and designs, they are like works of art for your nether regions. If I am honest my initial thought of Glass Dildos was "no way" but as time went on and I heard such great things about them. 

Firstly, being the health conscious nut that I am, I instantly loved the fact that toys of the glass variety are going to be some of the most hygienic ones available. Glass is a non porous material so it does not absorb moisture and collect bacteria, what could be better? Also these little beauties can be put through your dishwasher to clean or boiled in hot water. Maybe your looking for a little different sensation, well try putting your glass dildo in ice water or hot water to make it cold or warm while using it!! The possibilities are pretty endless with glass.

Concerns about glass adult products are very common but fear not. Most Glass Adult products on the market today are made from a similar tempered glass as Pyrex ( yes, the brand you can find in most kitchens today) and to add more durability they are heated under very high temperatures to strengthen even further. Another common concern is that because the toy is made of glass that it will hurt. Although this is a valid concern to have it is unlikely. When using glass toys I highly recommend using a good lubricant, if

you are not properly lubricated it can cause friction and discomfort.


Overall I would say that the biggest difference between other dildos and glass dildos is the feeling. Other materials like Gel and Cyberskin can have a sort of dragging feeling when coming in contact with skin especially if you are not properly lubricated. Glass toys however are smooth and again when using a good lubricant glide in and out without any sort of drag or friction. There are a lot of different options in the glass dildo department so if you find yourself overwhelmed by all of the choices in front of you I would recommend choosing something simple. What are you waiting for? Try glass!