A healthy sex life is not just about regular sex, it is also about knowing your pleasure points. Achieving orgasms and great sexual pleasure doesn’t always come from your sexual partner. You must take care of yourself sexually, especially if you don't have a regular partner for sex. Even if you are very familiar with your sexual self, it won't always be easy because you just haven't figured it out yet. Which is why we’ve compiled some tips for female solo masturbation that can guarantee the best orgasm you've ever had for yourself.


How To Give Yourself the Best Orgasm

Explore Your Pleasure Points

The best approach would seem to be to use the finger. But you are aware of your triggers. Take advantage of that. Like a companion, you should touch every part of yourself. Your orgasm will undoubtedly be that much more powerful.

Have A Close-Up Orgasm

Bring your legs closer together when you are about to climax during masturbation. This can cause an orgasm that will have you moaning in pleasure and excite your clitoris.

Set The Mood

Set the ambiance when touching yourself, just as you would if you were getting ready for a hot and sensual session, by buying some lingerie and lighting some candles. Wear a thong, make the space smell amazing, and start showing yourself some serious self-love.

Use Lubrication

Save the lubrication for all times, not just when you're with someone. Even when you're masturbating, lubricants that assist in establishing the mood, like stimulating or tingling ones, might be beneficial. Lubes assist in smooth stimulation and cause less friction on the clitoris. The smooth stimulation of the clitoris will cause the blood flow to build up quickly, leading to a quick and intense orgasm.

Add Sex Toys into The Journey

Not every sex toy is created equal. Some will work for you and become your go-to choices, while others may be merely ordinary. Explore as many as possible and find a suitable one that feels right for you. Feel free to use it to give yourself the best orgasm, if you love one.

How To Make an Orgasm Last Longer

We are all different, yet it is normal to ponder how to experience a more prolonged orgasm. How to make your orgasm last longer can come in handy. Below are factors that can make you accomplish this:


A key factor in experiencing a more prolonged orgasm is foreplay. Foreplay allows you to have a more intense and prolonged orgasm. Explaining your body while touching yourself will cause your blood flow to build up slowly, which may cause a long, powerful orgasm.

Learn What Brings You Pleasure

Female solo masturbation, like sex with a partner, requires patience and experimenting with your body. To experience a longer orgasm, don't pressure yourself into making your body do a certain thing. Find that sweet spot, learn how to make it more pleasurable and have fun.

Check Your Mental State

Research by experts has shown that our mental state primarily impacts orgasm. Spending a few seconds making sure you are in touch with your body can significantly impact your elongated orgasm. This could be meditation before the deal or trying to concentrate on what turns you on.

Think About Your Sexual Fantasies

We all love fantasizing and don't want to come to reality quickly. Thinking about your sexual fantasies can assist you in experiencing a more prolonged orgasm because you will find it pleasurable.

How To Have Multiple Orgasms

Try Different Stimulation

After the first orgasm, your clitoris may be so sensitive that you can't bear to touch it. You can try another kind of stimulation. The erogenous zones are perfect for this. Stimulating your nipples or slowly caressing your body can continue arousal until you can touch your clitoris.

Pressure of The Sensitive Clitoris

A sensitive clitoris can also make you experience multiple orgasms. Over stimulation of a sensitive clit can lead to an unexpected additional orgasm. This may be hurtful, but it is, in a good and pleasurable way.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel practice might help with your orgasmic adventure. While orgasming, place your hand over your vulva and pulse between contractions. This can be more effective if you squeeze your thighs together to enhance and intensify the Orgasmic contractions. Try this to carry yourself into another wave of orgasmic pleasure.

Self-exploration will improve your pleasure and you can improve your sexual health by giving the points above a try. Once you get going, you can also find yourself a drawer filled with lovely sex toys to satisfy every fantasy you want!


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