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Find the Right Lingerie & Feel Powerful Wearing it!

Find the Right Lingerie & Feel Powerful Wearing it!

Harvey Rose |

Let's start with the basics. Why do people even wear lingerie? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Maybe someone needs a slight boost to their confidence, doing a sexy photoshoot (for their partner or themselves), or even a couple may want to spice up the night with a risky outfit. Not only can lingerie be worn for a sexy time, but it can also be worn under everyday clothing as a little secret for yourself!


Now, there are a lot of different kinds of lingerie, and I know that it is a little bit hard to navigate what style fits your body type, personal style, or the overall vibe you are going for!



Whether you are looking for a piece of lingerie that is a little bit looser or have a little bit of a tummy that you would like to hide, babydoll might be perfect! Most of the time, they stop right at the booty, so they so off just enough but cover everything you want. A babydoll can either have molded cups to give your breasts a boost or a bralette for a more comfortable but still cute look.



Are you interested in something simple? A bodystocking may work out for you. Bodystockings are made of stretchy materials that form and fit over anyone's body. Because they are so form-fitting, they can be worn under many outfits, and only you will know. Sometimes wearing something as simple as a bodystocking under a dress can boost your confidence, even if you have no intentions of showing it off.



Someone with some major curves may love the idea of a chemise. Perfectly form-fitting in all the right places, a chemise will show off everything. Some chemises also come with garter clips that connect to thigh-high stockings to ensure it stays put and hug your curves more.



Are you searching for that perfect hourglass figure? Look no further than a corset. With sturdy boning throughout, a corset tightens around your midsection and helps you find some curves you may have thought you never had. Are you looking to show off those newfound curves? Corsets sometimes come in opaque materials, meaning they can be worn as a top with a nice pair of jeans or even a short skirt.


Bra Sets

Bra sets can go so many different ways. If simple and sexy is your vibe, or you are looking for a super elaborate one, then a set is perfect. The set can be more than just the two pieces. Add on a garter belt and thighs or even a mini skirt, and then you have a completely different outfit than what you started with! 



A bustier is much like a corset but has added cups, so your breasts are supported and get a little shaping action. Bustiers tend to have plastic boning instead of steel, making them a little more comfortable. They offer light shaping without having to deal without the ties as well! Also, like a chemise, a lot of bustiers come with attached garter clips to attach to thigh-high stockings to help pull it down and help with the light shaping.



The teddy. One of our best-selling kinds of lingerie. A teddy can also be called a bodysuit or onesie. Are you looking to accentuate those beautiful legs? Because a lot of teddies are high-cut, they show off those legs and even have the possibility of making them longer! They are also great for sprucing up any night-out outfit. Pop on a cute skirt, biker jacket, or even a pair of jeans and heels for a sexy going-out outfit.


How are you supposed to feel sexy in that new piece of lingerie?

One of my favorite suggestions is doing a sexy photoshoot. It doesn't have to be a professional one! It can be as simple as setting up your phone at home with a ring light and coming up with all your own poses that make you feel powerful. Don't want to take a physical picture? Take a mental one. Do some of your favorite poses in front of a mirror and take a good long look at your beautiful body.


Check out this blog about doing your own at-home photoshoot.


Lingerie can be self-care!

Wear that set for you! Not even to have sex. Wear it under a cute robe, wear it while doing chores around the house, or even wear it while just lounging around watching TV! Do you feel empowered by makeup? Play with makeup while wearing that sexy lingerie. Make it match your outfit, or even get a little out there with it!


Find a set that fits the vibe of an outfit you are wearing on a night out, and you can keep it your little secret. Sometimes wearing lingerie under regular clothes can make someone feel powerful and sexy.



 "Lingerie is best worn on the floor at the foot of the bed."


What are some of our favorite pieces of lingerie?



This bodystocking is simple and sexy and easy to slip on underneath a short dress or skirt and top. The best part about this piece is that you don't even have to take it off to continue with your night with your partner because it has an open crotch!



As I said before, I love the fact that you can wear a teddy or bodysuit with a pair of jeans for a hot night out! This lavender long-sleeve beauty is perfect for a girls' night out! Pop on a pair of silicone nipple covers if you want a little bit of extra coverage.



At least one two-piece lingerie set should be in everyone's lingerie collection. This set is cute enough to show off everything but comfy enough to lounge around the house on your off days.



This last piece is one of my all-time favorites! I have a little bit of a tummy, and this babydoll covers what I want it to while showing off everything else. As a person with a bigger chest, I also tend to stay away from anything with an open cup, but this piece is hot hot hot!



 Written by Harvey (He/They)

I have been working at Intimates since November 2018 and I have loved every moment of it! I love teaching people about all the different kinds of sex toys out there and even teaching them about all the various topics surrounding our sexual health!