Masturbation. You Should Do It!

Masturbation. You Should Do It!

There are dozens of opinions surrounding masturbation, is it right or is it wrong?

Is Masturbation Normal?

Although in history masturbation used to be perceived as perversion or for women, "a fit of hysteria". In this day and age masturbation is considered normal and healthy. Now about that "fit of hysteria" statement. Yes, the views of masturbation or, as I like to call it, "self-gratification" go back a long time. There is actually a history to follow on masturbation and how far it has come. In the 1800's women who showed symptoms of anxiety, trouble sleeping, or abdominal heaviness were diagnosed with Hysteria. Even more astonishing than that is the way that doctors relieved woman of their emotional afflictions. Basically, doctors would give these women a "pelvic finger massage" to the point of orgasm to temporarily relieve these frustrations. So, women who felt abnormal anxiety would just pop into the doctor's office and schedule a little finger massage, have an orgasm and be on their merry way! Fast forward to 2016 and masturbation is considered a normal, healthy and acceptable act.

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Why do People Masturbate?

Masturbation is a healthy way to relieve tension, stress or anxiety. When women have an orgasm it can put you in a deep relaxation because you get high endorphin levels which flush those nasty Cortisol hormones out of the body. In some studies, having an orgasm can also lead to pain relief. Orgasms release Oxytocin, a peptide containing 9 amino acids, which act as a natural pain reliever. Some people also masturbate to avoid unplanned pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.

Women Who Masturbate!

Studies show that women who have an orgasm once a week have more regular menstrual cycles. Some research shows that woman who had an orgasm in private are more likely to have positive thoughts and feelings about their partner afterwards than those who did not. There are also those that believe Oxytocin possibly prevents breast cancer cells from developing into a tumor. Having an orgasm while on your period also reduces menstrual cramping!

Men Who Masturbate!

A study in Australia show that men who ejaculate more than five times a week were three times less likely to develop prostate cancer. Big surprise, masturbating on a regular basis can prevent erectile dysfunction! As you get older you loose muscle tone, even your right hand man does. Regular sex or masturbation works out your pelvic floor muscle preventing erectile dysfunction and incontinence. Also, having an orgasm releases feel-good chemicals, like Dopamine, which triggers good moods!



I strongly believe that masturbation leads to better intercourse. When you masturbate you do it for yourself and your own pleasure so ultimately your going to be a pro at what you like and what you don't. Which can lead to open communication in the bedroom about where to stroke, how slow or fast and what position gives you the most stimulation.

I guess the question now is, why wouldn't you want to masturbate?


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