Rabbit Wars - Best Rabbit Sex Toy

Rabbit Wars - Best Rabbit Sex Toy

The Rabbit Company Come Hither vs. Lelo Ina Wave

We have picked two rabbit style vibrators from two of the best toy manufacturers in the world. We have decided to compare the "Come Hither" Rabbit from the Rabbit Company and the Ina Wave from famed toy manufacturer, Lelo.



First, we have the original rabbit toy with the G-spot motion, the Ina Wave by Lelo. Lelo has had a reputation for technological advancements and quality in their toys for years. The wave motion is no exception. With variable speed controls that are subtle yet powerful at the same time, the Ina Wave will have your toes curling in no time. One of the things we like the most is the fact you can have both parts working or change each individual part to work separately. You can even control speeds within each mode. This is why we think the Ina Wave is one of the best rabbit vibrators on the market today.




Then we have the Rabbit Company Come Hither rabbit. The insert-able part of the toy averages about 1.5 inches in girth, which is below the average of a penis. The great thing about this toy is that the the part that is inserted has a back and forth motion, hence the name Come Hither. The idea behind this movement is for the back and forth motion to rub back and forth on the G-Spot. Since this is not adjustable, you may need to move the tip around until you find your G-spot. While this toy does help with G-spot orgasms, its still all about the ears, and boy does the rabbit company know how to power a toy. This is one of the strongest most active pair of ears on any modern sex toy. They are soft yet have great movement. When changing speeds on this toy, the rabbit ears will move in different directions and movements. This combination with the "Come Hither" and the powerful rabbit ears make this a fantastic orgasm machine.




Flicking vs. Pressure

This is a big debate for our female customers. We have found it is different for every woman. Some really like a lightness or even a "tickle" of the clitoris, while other women like the steady pressure with a focused vibration. Honestly, it's such a personal preference, it can not be decided which one is actually better in that sense. One way to tell which you might enjoy more is to consider how you like oral performed. Do you prefer heavy pressure with the tongue or do you prefer the tip of the tongue and less pressure? This might help when picking a rabbit style toy. If there are more question please refer to our Rabbit Vibrator Buyer's Guide!



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