The Sensuelle Point vs The Vedo Bam

The Sensuelle Point vs The Vedo Bam

The Point and The Bam are powerful bullets, two great toys with many differences, but also a lot of  similarities. They are both categorized as clitoral bullet type vibrators, and both are made from 100% body safe silicone. They have a smooth exterior, a firm interior, and an easy to control one touch power button. They are stronger than most other bullets, because they are USB rechargeable instead of battery operated therefor they have different motors than other clitoral toys that operate off of batteries. Both the Point and the Bam are conveniently small which is perfect for the couple who are looking to use a vibrator during intercourse. A lot of Vibrators can be big and bulky and get in the way of two people during sex which can become a massive inconvenience.


The Sensuelle Point Bullet

The Senseulle Point uses state of the art vibration technology with easy touch controls to increase or decrease the mode of vibration to satisfy your desires. The Point has a deeply intense motor, with multi-function modes and vibrations designed to create powerful orgasms with ease. The point is ultra-smooth and has a silky touch to heighten your sexual pleasure. The Point has deep powerful stimulation to enhance your sensations. It boasts 20 different vibration functions and it is completely water resistant. Since the Point is rechargeable, it includes a charger that plugs into a wall outlet on one end and has a charging dock on the other end that the point rests in. The Point also has a one year warranty through the manufacturer that covers any manufacturer defects. The Point is sure to "WOW" any woman looking for a very powerful clitoral vibrator!



The Vedo Bam Bullet

Unlike the Point, the Vedo Bam Bullet has just 10 supercharged vibration modes. The Bam is sleek and sexy, it is one of the most powerful bullets available, delivering intense, mind blowing pleasure. It is the perfect toy for those who love to get wet and wild while they play, because it is completely submersible! The Bam Bullet is slightly thicker than the Point but is almost identical in height. The Bam comes with a charger which plugs directly into the toy itself and then into any USB adapter for easy charging convenience.


Now that you know some of the differences along with the similarities of both the Vedo Bam and the Sensuelle Point are powerful bullets, which would you choose?


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