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The Bodywand

The Bodywand

Sonia Williams |

The Bodywand is the latest in a long line of high-powered “wand massager” style vibrators meant to knock your socks off and modeled to rival the power of the famed Magic Wand. The Bodywand is a plug-in the wall electric version toy, and it uses a dial to ramp up the power, instead of plus and minus buttons. The Bodywand also offers a rechargeable version of the wand-style personal massager, it is sleeker and less bulky compared to its best known predecessor, the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Sometimes you have a lot of time to slowly daydream about erotic events of the past or to fantasize about your favorite possibilities of the future. In those moments you might choose the Rechargeable Bodywand. What about when you travel and lack the time to sink in slowly with a good erotic book? That's the sort of intimate expediency that the Bodywand Rechargeable Mini Massager is all about. Looking to show off with a sexual partner who can learn a lot from the way your most trusted sex toy brings you one blossoming orgasm after another? Go with the Bodywand Mini and let them see what 4 inches of perfection can do when finely attuned with your own sexual appetite. There's even a Rechargeable Crystallized Bodywand for all you fashionistas out there.

 The fact is, the entire collection of Bodywand Sex Toys are carefully crafted to give you the same great orgasmic results anytime, anywhere and any way you want them. That's the real beauty of the Bodywand. It puts you in complete control of your own sexual destiny. Easy to care for, simple to master and always ready for another go as soon as you reach for the only sex toy you'll ever need.