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The Best Men's Protate Toys

The Best Men's Protate Toys

Tim Sizemore |

When it comes to prostate toys, you should always start with these choices for beginning Prostate play.  Massaging the prostate is commonly called "Milking the Prostate". This is done by taking a prostate toy or, if someone is nice enough, the finger can be used to massage the prostate as well. However, today we are just talking about the toy side of Prostate pleasure.

Our first pick is the Rocks Off O-Boy prostate toy, this is very small tipped toy. We recommend the smaller tipped prostate toys for beginners or someone who is not experienced in massaging the prostate gland. One of the great things about the Rocks Off brand is that they vibrate. Why is this great? The main reason is because the vibration engages the prostate gland, it creates a steady massage which with time and getting to know your body, you will be able to achieve orgasm through this type of stimulation.

Our second choice among prostate toys is the P-Massager by Optimale. This has a more bulbous tip and would be better for someone experienced in milking the prostate. What we like about this massager is the solid, seamless silicone construction. It's easy to clean and top rack dishwasher safe. It is also Phthalate free and body safe. This is one of the better economy versions of prostate toys.


Our third pick is from the originators of male prostate toys, Aneros! They have  created male prostate toys with medical research behind them. They have been proven to be hygienic, effective and shaped to optimize men's sexual pleasure. The smooth silicone when lubricates pushes gently against the prostate gland. With steady pressure and flexing of the prostate gland, orgasm can be achieved. Sometimes this is with liquid but you can reach a prostate orgasm without ever ejaculating. You still get the same pleasure responses either way. we hope this has helped you decide which Prostate toy is best suited for you. I not sure please check us out on the web. We have the best male prostate toys on our web site.